Bullies and Parents

November 5, 2017
By Anonymous

You know what life sucks... you cant get around life without getting a big fat curve ball. As a teen nobody understands us for example parents exuses are always ''well I was a teen once'' well I'm different, I'm not you. If you were ever bullied your self esteem gets worse or better depending on who you are but in reality  at the end that bully will say something and it will somehow effect you theirs no way around it... well unless your amazing and nothing gets to you... thats a lie you may say nothing gets to you but it does no matter what it will float in ur head until it gets to you and once it does it finally gets better why? honestly I cant anwser that because i dont know why. right now your either sobbing, just watched a movie on a blog or is here for some reason you cant explain or your here because you want to be. Anyways thats it for today love you anyone thats reading this and remember life gets better

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