Breaking My Wrist

November 3, 2017
By Anonymous

I was walking down the bland, greyish green hallways. I was wearing shorts and a tee-shirt. My hair was up in a high pony tail and I was excited for gym. When we got to the gym, it smelled like complete dust.

As we were entering the gym, my classmates and I went to sit at our spots on the dirty floor. Mrs. Dunkelberg was very kind. She always offered to help anyone if they needed it. She went over the rules for the activity we were going to be playing that day. Then she told us to do a four cone warm up exercise. This is where it all started.

The four cones were on the basketball court corners. One cone we had to jog. The next one we had to run backwards. At the third cone we had to shuffle, and at the last cone we had to skip. As I started this warm up, I was thinking about the kickball game we were going to be playing. I was thinking of where I was going to be playing in the field and where I was going to be kicking. I was making my final lap as I round the cone that directed me to run backwards.  As I continued going, a whole group of people were behind me. My good friend Jennifer was one of them. While switching exercises, Jennifer stepped on the front of my shoe while I was running backwards.  At this point I knew, I was going to get seriously hurt. As she stepped on the front of my shoe, I began to fall backwards. Everyone kept on running and I was down on the ground. While I was falling, I did not know how to land. It happened so fast, I almost hit my head off the hard gym floor. I landed with my wrist facing backwards and in the opposite way it normally was. I immediately got up and sprinted to Mrs. Dunkelberg. 

"May I please go to the nurse? I think I broke my wrist." I said as I was bawling.

"Yes, yes of course you can!" Mrs. Dunkelberg said.

I bolted down the hallway, past the 6th grade, past the office, and finally was at the nurse. I waited in the waiting room while the nurse was taking care of another student. She then came out of her office and helped me right away.

"Aww, are you okay? What happened?" the nurse asked.
"I was running backwards in a drill for our warm up, and I fell on my wrist." I told her.

She said, "Here, take this ice. I have to help this other patient, so why don’t you wait out here icing it, and then we can call your parents and let them know what happened." 

"Okay, sounds good." I stated.

I went back out of her office thinking, Why can't I flip my hand over? What if it's broke? What if I am out of sports till middle school? I had so many things to worry about. Anyway, I was just waiting there for about thirty minutes and my teacher didn't know what happened to me, so she probably thought I was skipping her class.

When she finally came out, she told me to come in her office, once again, and call my parents. First I called my mom, knowing she probably would not answer. And like usual, she didn’t. I then called my dad. 

"Hello?" My dad questioned, not knowing the number of the school.

"Dad, it's Kailee." I stated.
"What do you need?" He asked.
I then said, "I might have broke my wrist."

"What? How?" He said loudly. He was probably scared that I would be out of sports for a long time.

"I was running backwards in gym class, and the next thing I know, someone steps on the front of my shoe and bam, I'm on the ground." I said pretty upset.

"Well can you flip it over, or move it up and down?" He then questioned me, once again.
"If I try to flip it over it hurts really bad. I can move it up and down." I stated
"Okay, We will take you to Geisinger Urgent Care tonight to get it checked out." He the said.
"Alright, bye."

It was a long rest of the day but it finally came to the point where we were on our way to Geisinger Urgent Care. As we arrived there, my mom and I went in and my dad and siblings went over to Friday's to get a table. My mom and I ended up not waiting at all and going right back into a room to get helped. The doctors there were very sweet and caring. They told me that if they were moving it and it hurt, to tell them so they could stop. They took an x-ray and sent it away to a hand and arm specialist. The doctors there then gave me a brace and told me to go to school the next day and the results should be in by the end of the day.

The next day of school was pretty normal besides everyone asking me what had happened. I just told everyone I tripped while running backwards. They were all super shocked. Some of my friends even saw me bolting down the hallway on my way to the nurse. Anyway, I got onto the bus and called my mom right away to find out if the results came back.

"Hello?" She said, as she answered the phone on the second ring. 
"Hey mom, have the results came back?" I said, eager to know.

"Yes they did, you fractured your growth plate in your wrist." She said, kind of upset I would be out of sports. "You have an appointment tomorrow."
"Okay, what time?" I said disappointed.
"Okay mom, Thanks, Bye." I said.
So I was very worried, sitting on the bus waiting for my friends to get on and tell them the news. 
"Hey, guess what! I have a broken wrist." I said to David.

"Ouch, that sucks." He said.
"Yeah, it really does." I stated.

Th rest of the bus ride home was pretty silent. I arrived home and the night was also pretty usual. We ate, my mom did laundry, and then we went to bed. I had to sleep with the brace on and that hurt really bad. It irritated my skin, but I guess it wasn’t that bad in the end because when I woke up it didn’t hurt that bad. 
I went to the doctors and they told me I was going to need a cast. I decided to get a pink cast. It felt very weird because I had never broke anything and had to get a cast. I couldn’t do a lot of things but that’s okay because in the end it would heal, and become stronger than it was before.

The author's comments:

This happened to me in 6th grade. I was very scary for me, but my wrist is finally back to full strength.

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