The Diabetic Disaster

November 2, 2017
By suhy722 BRONZE, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
suhy722 BRONZE, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
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It was just a normal 12 hour car ride to Duluth, Minnesota to visit my grandparents. Usually my parents meet halfway with my grandma and then we stay for a week or two in Minnesota. This time it was different. During the car ride I was constantly asking to use the bathroom and I was constantly sick during this time. I was in horrible shape I was super pail but I was eating. I was also sleeping a lot, my aunt who is a head of nursing and doctors kept telling my parents that I had the signs of diabetes. When I got there I was very sluggish and moppy. Then I started throwing up, but grandparents ignored it and thought it was just food poisoning. After three days of this they started to getting worried. They called my parents and I was told to go to the hospital but first since my sister is the princess she had to eat first.

I remember being in the car for twenty minutes or so. We pulled up and I was put in a wheelchair and then I passed out. When I came to a day later I woke up with all these tubes inside me. I started freaking out. My parents were there and my grandparents crying I didn’t know why I just thought it was just a bad sickness but it was way worse. Then the nurse came in. It was funny when my mom lived in duluth here friend said she was going to say my mom or us her kids. The funny thing was that she was the nurse that was assigned to me so she ended up doing what she said. It was a sad week in the hospital when we were supposed to be having fun. Then the endocrinology nurse came in to teach my parents about how to give a shot with a orange. I asked why and they said i had diabetes, at that age when I was 6 I thought that I was dying. If was a crazy week in the hospital learning to walk again and learning the ins and out of insulin and and maintaining my bloodsugar.


I really liked and disliked being in the hospital, I loved the attention but hated not being able to do day. After That it was just a matter of counting carbs, calculating meal doses, and controlling eating habits. I was very active to regain the muscle I lost from keytones. Keytones happen when your blood sugar is to high or low, they usually break down muscle if it was a long period of high or low sugar levels. My blood sugar was high for 3-4 months. I eventually managed it and now I can control it myself.anything. After i got cleared to go back home I left packed my bags and went to the airport while my dad and sister would drive back that day. When we got on the plane I had to check  my blood sugar to make sure I was in range. When I checked myself I was 300 which is bad some we had to be emergency evacuated in the middle of the runway. Then we called my grandparents and were taken back to the hospital and how to treat this high sugar and got another ticket and flew back the next  day.

  What I learned that this disease was for better and for worse. It made me take more control and be healthier but it sometimes limits me with things I want to do.

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