Ocean Above the Ground

November 2, 2017
By MJBFreshmanHonorsEnglish BRONZE, SOUTHBOROUGH, Massachusetts
MJBFreshmanHonorsEnglish BRONZE, SOUTHBOROUGH, Massachusetts
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“Do you want to go next?” the instructor asked.

“Sure,” I replied.

On goes my helmet and belt. Both constricted my body like a snake just for safety. If it wasn’t as tight, then I would plunge into the breathtaking verdant trees of Vermont. A few feet to the right of me was where my brother was suspended to his zipline. My zipline hoists me up and I was left dangling at least one hundred feet over the flourishing vegetation.

“Pull the lever when you’re ready,” the instructor said. And that was what I did. My hands clasp the handlebars and my hands are stuck to the handlebars like glue. I raced through the cloudless skies. As I looked behind me, I noticed my brother trailing. While staring there, the scenery made this moment look like a portrait. Two brothers soaring through the clear and cerulean atmosphere. The wire led to a decline in between trees and the wildlife, consisting of squirrels, vibrantly colored birds, and rabbits colored like ground up cinnamon. Then, I let go. My hands were free of the handlebars, and they hung to the sides of my waist. My brother soon zoomed by.
“Why’d you stop?” he asked. I didn’t feel the need to reply. This area seemed like the most descriptive part of any island survival story. This was what heaven could be pictured as. Maybe as a kaleidoscope. I lifted my hands up again and began to pull the handles once again. The cool breeze felt amazing in the blazing July weather. The tight feeling on the harness felt normal after descending from the mountain. Far ahead I could see a speck which seemed to be my brother because he had the same crimson helmet I had wrapped around my head. He turned around and seemed to be yelling something but the gust of wind surrounding my ears and the distance blocked out the noise he was making. I neared my destination, which was the platform ahead, but I noticed another wire as I got closer. Was there another group ahead of me and my brother? I landed on the platform and the instructor lended me a hand by removing the harness from the handlebars. I stepped down on the terrace built off the mountains.

“Do you want to go next?” a different instructor asked.

Then I realized that a new adventure lay ahead, with new twists and turns.

The author's comments:

A trip to Vermont showed me the scenery that places like Vermont have to offer.

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