The Flip

November 1, 2017
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It was a normal spring day, I could smell the exhaust from all the four wheelers. I was at my friend Mychal's house. Our friend Chey was on her way over. Her dad was going to get her and her four wheeler. Mychal has land in the woods, so we ride our four wheelers around all day long. When Chey got there we get sweatshirts on and hop on our four wheelers. 

My mom was stuck at work so she couldn’t bring my four wheeler over so I just rode with Mychal and Chey. It was around 1:56. I looked at my phone and we decided to get something to eat. Mychal's mom made us sandwiches and we were on our way.

At the time I was with Mychal and a friends son was with Chey. There is a part in the path where you have to lean. Chey must have forgot. I had looked back and my heart dropped. CHEY HAD FLIPPED HER FOUR WHEELER! What was I to do? I jumped off without thinking stumbled to my feet and sprinted to Chey. I screamed to Mychal to get help. She rode down to the adults. I went to Chey and oddly the young boy was unharmed. "I jumped off before it flipped" he said. Even though he had not been in any pain he had been crying. "it hurts! It hurts!" Chey said. When her dad got up there he yelled "Call 9-1-1!" "Daddy, I love you so much! I'm gonna die! Tell Mom I love her!" Chey said. Chey was surprisingly calm, she didn't cry...YET

Mychal's dad brought his big truck up into the woods. They had to carefully lift her four wheeler of her leg. The blood just gushed out of her leg wound. They lifted her up onto the bed of the large truck. An ambulance showed up soon after. This is when Chey began to cry. "What happened?" The EMT asked "She flipped her four wheeler flipped and landed on her leg" her dad said  "shes gonna need stitches. We should get her to Geisinger fast! Try and stop the blood!" The EMT said. She had to have a lot of stitches.

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