Ankle Breaker

November 1, 2017
By ZToner2003 BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
ZToner2003 BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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It was a beautiful sunny day last year before school started. I started the day any other day. I woke up at 7:30 in the morning and went to football practice 11 am practiced ended. "LET'S GET IT UUUP!!!!!, PORT ON 3 READY 1,2,3, PORT!!!!!". The team said or yelled if you know sport etiquette for breakdowns.


That evening I went home and took a nap and woke up put my shoes on and went to the basketball courts (this is where it began). " Mom I am going to the courts," I yelled and she replied "okay behave,". As I get to the courts I see a mini trampoline on the courts, I moved the trampoline to the grass and started warming up. 10 minutes later people I always ball with showed up Shaheem, Christian, Trenton, Yoshi, Sewy (Sewimon) and Dante.


As they showed up we started warming up to play a game. Then we played a 4 on 4 game for awhile. After the game has ended we took a break and Trenton and Yoshi were dunking with the little trampoline. Shaheem and I started jumping as well, about 4-5 good dunks I went for another and I barely grabbed the rim I felt relieved that I did grab it but as I said I barely grabbed it I slipped and fell on the side of my right ankle.


On the side of my foot it swelled like a balloon in a matter of minutes. When I got home my mother was making Hamburger Helper, so she stopped drove me to the hospital. At the hospital I got x-rayed but the doctor did not see anything wrong with my ankle but they still put my foot into a splint. Wednesday, my family went to the Little League World Series like every year but I had to stay home because of my ankle. Around 3:30, my mother came home because I had a football meeting with the coaches at 4-6pm. When we arrived at school we found Coach Cuebas and he said so me. "So that is why you weren't at practice today." I replied back, "yeah I got injured playing basketball." I am not going to explain the parents meeting pretty boring, just go our game schedule.


I had an appointment with a podiatrist for my ankle on Thursday. That day has come and I found out that I had fractured my growth plate. They said I can get treated as they do to college athletes by 3 weeks in cast and three weeks in a boot or I can go just 6 weeks in a cast. I choose to do the college athlete way. For six weeks I wasn't allowed to play sports. So my message to your is do not do anything stupid even if your friends try to convince you to.

The author's comments:

The story was a class assignment and we had to write a Narritive about a tradegy in our life.

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