Broken Collarbone

November 1, 2017
By Anonymous

On a cool crisp fall night, with the sound of fallen leaves crunching beneath our feet, my brother and I went to his friend's house. Once we were there we zoomed around his yard dodging pinecones that were flying through the darkness of the night. "Watch your back!" My brother yelled across the yard as he smiled. Then I laughed as I picked up the top of the sand box saying, "Finally, I can block these pinecones." The fun of the night came to an end when my brother's friend had mistaken me for him and tackled me instead. Next thing I knew I was on the cold, wet ground groaning restlessly as I pushed the lid off me. His smile as soon as he saw me his smile went from beaming to a sad blank stare.

They urgently ran towards me, stomping their feet, to make sure I was alright. The first one to speak was my brother's friend he cried, "Are you alright Riley?" I got up and said, "Yeah, I'm fine." Wincing in a race to figure out what had just happened. As I started to limp clumsily down the empty street the group of 10-year-olds continued to make sure I was alright. When I dragged my feet through the door my curious mom asked, "What's wrong?" I replied, "Nothing just got a bit winded. I think I can just sleep it off." Then I walked up the small, narrow stairs to my soft and comfortable bed. I quickly woke up with this throbbing, intense pain in my right shoulder that caused me more pain than before. I trampled down the small set of stairs to our kitchen and went to the giant refrigerator. I was too small so I yelled impatiently, "Mom can you come and get me an ice pack?" She walked to kitchen and calmly asked, "Why do you need an icepack?" I replied, "I hurt my back while playing earlier." She then lifted my t-shirt and saw the outcome of the intense blow. As she touched the mark on my sensitive back she asked, "What did you do to your back?" I took a sort and quick then said, "Nate's friend mistook me for someone else and tackled me." I tried to move my arm up, but immediately threw it back down in pain. Then my mom said, "Well, it looks like you broke something. So, let's go to the Emergency Room to find out what." Once we got there and signed in we sat in the freezing cold waiting room for what seemed like forever, then finally got called back.

The doctor had me stand in front of what looked like a giant camera, but I knew it was an x-ray. The doctor said, "Buddy, I need you to stand still while I take a few pictures of your bones." After a second, I heard... click, click, click! Then the doctor said, "All done, you can go sit with your mother while they print." I hope nothing got broken when I was tackled. Then we got the x-rays and it, unfortunately showed my collar bone had been snapped into two pieces. No! This is going to be a pain! I'm going to have to wear a cast. Right when school just started. The doctor walked over to my mom and said, "Well, he's going to have to wear a brace or a sling. I'll let you decide which."

After talking with the doctor my mom decided I would wear an uncomfortable sling for a few months. "Mom why do I have to wear thing stupid thing?" I asked complaining she the replied, "Do you want the pain in your shoulder to go away?" "Yes," I replied shyly "Then you won't complain. Besides we'll have to pick up your pain medicine tomorrow. So, you'll be wearing it for a while." That quiet morning, we went to CVS to get my medicine. "Yes, I'm here with my son to get his prescription filled," said my mom. The pharmacist asked, "Ma'am do you have the papers for the prescription?" As she handed the pharmacist the papers she said, "Yes, here they are." The pharmacist replied, "It will take about an hour or so to be filled. Do you wanna wait?" My mom answered, "Sure." After waiting about an hour, it was ready. When we got home I said, "I don't wanna take medicine!" So, she took the small pill and crushed it between two giant spoons then put it in my water. My mom then said, "Here, drink this it will make the pain go away." When I drank it, my face turned to bitter and sour. "What's in it?" I asked as I forced myself to swallow the water. "It's your medicine. You're going to have to start taking it for a little while."

Once my brother's friend heard the terrible news of the broken collar bone he walked sadly up the small block to our house. He knocked on the door and when I opened the door with tears forming in his eyes he said, "I'm so sorry I didn't know it was you or I wouldn't have done it." I replied, "It's ok. That's what I get for playing with a group of boys who are four years older than me." After about five months I got the sling off. "Finally, I can move my arm without be in excruciating and constant pain." Laughing at me continuously my mom said, " I know, it must be a relief that you don’t have to take that medicine anymore." That disgusting medicine was terrible. Thank God, I don’t have to take it anymore.

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