It's All Clear Now

October 27, 2017
By Anonymous

After many years of my life I have come to realize that many people in this world are not who they really are. They change their atitude within a second when some of their freinds show up. They are nice one minute the next they are cursing at you cause their freinds showed up. There are still many people who are not like this and are true to what they actually are, not putting up a cover up to who they are. This idea ties into school, a lot of people are bullied while others just watch it happen, and sometimes even join in with the bully. In sixth grade of middle school there was a classmate that was bullied. One of my greatest sins in that grade was being apart of the group that bullied him, which was made up by most of my freinds. At first I just watched, but over time I started to join in. I knew it was wrong, but i did it anyways. After winter break i came to the realization to what I should stop what i was doing. I became freinds with the classmate that the week before I bullied. Now in freshmen year of highschool, we all regret the decisions that we made in sixth grade. We realized the pain we caused him, the sadness he had, the fear to walk out of his house.

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