October 27, 2017
By 21heagneyrafael BRONZE, Cumberland, Rhode Island
21heagneyrafael BRONZE, Cumberland, Rhode Island
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I believe that I should always improve myself in everything even if I feel like there isn’t any more room for improvement. 

When I grew up I was fascinated with soccer, and grew up with a father who loved soccer. My father always knew I had talent at the sport. As I played more I never decided to listen to my dad's word and "improve" I felt as if I was “good enough”. My father saw this and would always tell me to work hard and stop being lazy, irresponsible, and stubborn. I ignored him as best as I could because I felt as if it was all useless banter to make me waste time. When I played for a higher league than I was used to that’s when it hit me. I was losing the ball more often, I wasn’t used to playing with people at this level, and I began to feel useless. I started to recall all the times I was too naïve to listen to my father's words to "improve", that I was too confident in my abilities that I just lost it. I was beginning to get frustrated because I still had a desire to prove him wrong. I left the game angry with myself. 

I took the time to think about my mistakes and then my father walked into my room. He asked "are you okay" and I answered with “not really’. He knew why I felt upset and said, “if you want to be more of use on the field you have to put the time to improve your skills”. I looked at him and finally understood why he had been pushing me to "work hard" and "improve". I took that lesson with me for everything I did. I finally began improving myself with everything I did. When I was told to improve something by my father I did it because I know that I can trust in his opinion. 

When I feel down sometimes I sometime forget that what I learned for a little but I always begin to find a way to remember. I try not to let the hard things in life affect my thoughts on certain subjects. There was one time when in seventh grade that I almost gave up on my belief but found a way to hold on. I had just had surgery because my appendix burst. I was in the hospital for a long time. I wasn’t allowed to that much activity while I was out for the hospital. When I started going to school again it began to become difficult to keep up with the rest of the class. I was struggling because I was so behind in everything. As the year went on my grades got worst because I was still having a hard time trying to keep up.

Than after all hope was lost, my grandfather gave this long speech to me about what I wanted to do in life and that the only way to catch up is put more time and effort to improve in the places I was lacking in. then I began to get good grades in all my subjects. They weren’t perfect but they defiantly got a lot better. These two stories are the reason that I believe that I should improve myself as best as I can. 

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