Be Persistent

October 27, 2017

My philosophy is to be persistent and never give up from things that challenge you. I believe in that philosophy because when I first went to second grade I had to go see help because I had a speech impediment where I could not say the letters R and L in words.

On the first day of the help, I felt like an outcast, different, and weird compared to the other kids. When I got home from the first day of the speech impediment help I told my mom “I do not want to go to this.” Then my mom said “You have to go, you will get better at saying those letters, I promise.” So, I of course listened to my mom and went again. I still hated going but I knew that I will get better at saying those letters. A month passed and I got a little better where I can sort of say some words right, but I knew this would be a challenge for me.
So, three months passed and I now could say L in words that I couldn’t before like pool, peal, and pole. When this happened, it motivated me to continue with this speech impediment help. Another three months passed and nothing really changed, this made me want to quit doing this. So, after that school day I went home and told my mom “I do not want to do this anymore, it is not helping me.” But my mom said “You got this, do not quit.” When that year ended I was happy that did not have to go to the speech help. Of course, over the summer I got a little worse than I was a saying the letter R in words, but that did not stop me from continuing with this.

After a month of school started I went back to the speech help. Two months have passed and I saw a little progress. This time I learned some words faster than the last year. That is because I had the best teacher this year. She helped me out and motivated me when I wanted to quit. So, four months passed and I saw a lot of progress compared to last year. Three months passed and I saw little to no progress and this made me want to quit. Since, I have my mom and my teacher motivating me while doing this I knew I can do this. For those last few months I tried a lot to get better which I did. I could say a lot of the word that I could say before those last few months.

At the end of the year, that amazing teacher that helped me, gave me a “goody bag” filled with coloring books and toys. When the year ended I could say a lot of words that I could not say before but, I still could not say every word with the letter R in it. Saying every word took time, it me around two more years to say every word with the letter R in it. This story tells why I am persistent and why I never give up.

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