The Boys

October 27, 2017
By Anonymous

The boys- are they rad? The 23rd question of our own kahoot had us mind boggled, the four choices were equally correct. Yes, it was fun, but no It would not be like that for the rest of the night. It was a quiet Saturday night, silenced by the sluggish teens that had walked all around Washington D.C. It was the third night of our school trip, and overall, it was going well. Until one of my roommates, let’s call him “John”- had girl problems.


We were all on our phones, in our separate beds for the night, when John slammed his phone on the ground and lumped his face into his pillow. His girlfriend, who wasn’t on the trip, had broken up with him, and he was extremely damaged by it. The three other boys in the hotel room, myself, and two other boys- (I’ll call them “Joe” and “Jeff” for the sake of anonymity) felt gravely about this. Me, being the only other guy with girl experience, told him she wasn’t worth it. However, this did not make him feel better. At that point, we did not know what would fix his mood.


Soon, the entire room felt glum, with the vibes of sadness ringing everywhere. But we did not let this take advantage of our night. Me, along with my friends soon realized- Saturdays are not for this girl. Or any girls for that matter! Saturdays are not for responsibilities. Nor will Saturdays be for our burdens, which put unfathomable weights over our shoulders. Saturdays will not be for teachers, or school or anybody else. OUR Saturdays will be for US, because It is OUR day. Saturdays will not be for anyone- except the boys. 

Us boys have to work for the rest of their lives, to support and provide a family, and it all starts when we are born. Male toddlers are expected to not cry as often, and to share toys, but as they get older, it gets even more difficult. They are forced to get Straight A’s and be able to play sports at a Major League level, or they have no chances of getting into college. Not to mention, if they have slightly rowdy behavior, they’re condemned, while girls are praised for doing an equally worse job! Sometimes, the boys will even be put on medication to calm them down. If they get through the troubles of Grade School, and manage to get into college that isn’t biased against men, they have to worry about Anti-Male and especially Anti-White sentiment on campus, along with harassment or even physical aggression if they are even slightly conservative. However, if they do run into the latter situation, and fail to go to college, they can either join the military, or get a minimum wage job, requiring hard manual labor. They can’t marry someone with more money, because that’s not how it works for men! If they choose the military, they will account for 97% of all military casualties! If they’re lucky, they will be brought back home, and on the streets, since our government is more concerned with refugees rather than our own veterans. There are many more examples, such as Accounting for 80% of all suicides, 93% of industrial (work) deaths, and having only a 20% chance of gaining custody of children in a divorce.


If that wasn’t enough, it’s hard to find a girl who won’t hurt you in the end, or take a man for his money, or whatever the case might be. This is what happened in our situation, with John’s girl problems. We realized that Saturdays were for the boys ONLY. Joe went into action first, and started to give John a soothing back massage, and we all started to find ways to make him feel better.

Sometimes, we won’t be as fortunate as John was, and we will probably be at home, without our friends when something bad happens!  But the rule still applies. Boys will get a day, every week, to take a break from life, a day to be boys. So when you (if you’re a boy) are feeling down, or have a friend feeling down, do something. Make the best of your days, especially the days that are reserved for us. For me? I believe that day… is Saturday.

“Saturdays are for the Boys!”

The author's comments:

I hope that people will understand that Saturdays are indeed for the Boys, and that we have feelings too. 

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