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October 26, 2017
By Anonymous

Why do bad things happen to good people?  I’ve wondered this for many years and have finally come to a conclusion that everything happens for a reason.  My life has already been a roller coaster of events that kept me wondering why these things continued to happen to me.  It was one big event, though, that really flipped my world upside down and sadly it could not be fixed or changed.

Over a year ago, my parents got divorced.  It was a time full of emotions and chaos.  Everything was about to change and there was nothing that could be done about it.  My life would never be “normal” again and it all started from a simple conversation.  I had just come home from a school hockey game and my parents asked my siblings and I to sit down with them and have a talk.  I never liked our family talks because they were never about anything good, so I was prepared to hear some really bad news.  I knew exactly what my mom and dad would say just by looking at the tears in both of their eyes.  There was immediate tension in the room that didn’t go away until weeks later.  They had told us that they were getting a divorce and everything that we needed to know about it.  My dad would leave the house the next morning.

Morning came and I woke up early to say goodbye for now.  It was the worst thing seeing my dad leave the house knowing that he would never live in it again.  That morning was very emotion-filled and little did anyone know that the rest of that month would be the same. 

I had told my friends so that I could have some support through it.  None of them could relate to how I was feeling because they had never gone through what I was going through.  What I got from everyone was “I’m so sorry, this must be so hard for you” or “it’ll be over soon, you’ll get through it.”  I didn’t like having so many people feel sorry for me because I was never used to so much negative attention.  The only person that I could really talk to was my sister because we felt the same way.  The one thing on my mind all day and night was what had already happened and what was going to happen.

Eventually, the divorce wasn’t as new and I adapted to my life’s new  “normal”.  No, things were never going to be the same, but that was okay.  The wound that was my life had healed up with time and I had looked back at the event quite often.  I realized that it happened for a very important reason…so that my parents could be happy again.  I matured and grew a lot through the whole time that it took to heal.  I became a new and better person and I had figured myself out too.  Now I knew my emotions and where my breaking point was along with what made me happy.  Overall I realized that time really does heal and that everything happens for a reason.

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