October 29, 2017
By radicalrealizations SILVER, Hemet, California
radicalrealizations SILVER, Hemet, California
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I never really liked you Gidget. Don't take it personally it's just I’m more of a dog person. Cats, especially you, are so sassy and hard to connect with, in fact we never really did connect at all. Even though we are just one year apart, and my mom got you for me we don't have anything in common. I’m playful and you just sit around all day. It became hard for me to want to spend time with you, so I didn't. In fact I forgot you even still lived with us.

I was so shocked the day you disappeared to find out how much my mom cared about you. I never knew she had a special spot for you on the bed just above her pillow. Or how she has certain times for feeding you, giving you treats, and letting you out each day to see your boyfriend. This all only became clear to me when she went outside around 8 o’clock one night to call you back in for the night and you never came. She kept going back outside periodically to see if you'd come home over the course of a couple days. Whenever she looked you were never there. Then she started to tear up. My mom only cries over certain things sad movies, stress, and loved ones. The moment she started crying over you that meant that you were truly  a loved one to her. I couldn't just sit around and see my mom be all sad about you missing, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I tried to find you all by myself. I went from street to street saying your name looking under every car and in every bush. It wasn't until I came all the way back to our porch and sat on our white bench that I realized I couldn't look for you on my own. I closed my eyes and started with ‘’dear heavenly father.. ‘’Thats right I prayed for you to come back. I know it might be silly for someone to pray for their cat back when people are out there dying from cancer. But my prayers must not have been so silly after all, and God must have been listening for the moment I finished with an ‘’Amen’’ and opened my eyes there you were coming right toward me from the side of the house. I grabbed you and I held you.  I cried and I couldn't believe it, it was truly you. You lost some weight though when you were gone. You went from being an ultra fat cat to just a chubby cat. Although your sudden weight loss didn't make my mom love you any less. I yelled from the pouch ‘’shes back shes back’’. My mom doesn't really rush down the stairs but this time, oh she rushed alright. I never seen anyone go down those steps so fast. She held you in disbelievement and gratitude. She was so thankful you was safe. She really loves Gidget no matter how much I on the other hand don't really like you. Although Gidget you owe me a thank you if I never prayed who knows where you’d be right now. However no matter where you are always remember you're apart of the family.

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reach4mars PLATINUM, State College, Pennsylvania
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I already know how it ends, I'm just here for the ride :)

Very heartfelt piece, there was definitely a growth in appreciation for the cat as the story ended. Great work :)

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