A Surprise

October 26, 2017
By hgymnast08 BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
hgymnast08 BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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As I walk in to my grandma's house I feel the warmth of the house radiating to my cheeks, as the winters cold air stayed behind. The smell of chocolate cookies filled the crisp air. As I walk into the kitchen I see my grandma at the stove. I had recently made it to nationals in Florida for gymnastics but couldn’t go due to my mother's annoying decision, I had been to Florida many times but this one meant the most to me and I couldn’t go. 

As I walked further into the kitchen my grandma finally saw me and asked me her usual question every day after school, “how was your day and did you do anything nice today” I would always reply with the same thing, “yes nana.  my grandma was a great singer and had a voice like honey she was also a dancer who looked like a feather dancing in the wind, even if she was older she still had it in her. After a little more talking my mom had walked in from work, her brown curls shaking as she shivered from the coldness that laid behind the walls of the grey town house. My little sister not too far behind walked in looking very happy.

Later that night it was time for dinner I walked into the kitchen and the smell of Salisbury steak filled the air, my mom sister and nan were all sitting at the table. I sat down at the brown round table and looked I my family we all bowed our heads and started our prayers, after prayers it was time to dig in, I looked at the stake in front of me, my mouth watering and eyes wide. I stared to dig in my grandma then got up and went to the bathroom my mom also got up and got her phone “ that’s weird” I thought were usually not allowed to have our phones at the table but I guess its ok because she is an adult. 

About five minutes later music from the lion king started playing and I looked behind me and saw my grandma holding the boom box and dancing “there can be no explanation other than my family is weird and crazy” I thought to myself I looked over at my mom only to see her recording me. “what is going on” I asked my mom “were going to Disney for nationals!” I looked at my mom in shock as she looked back at me with a wide smile and wide eyes. I couldn’t be it I was actually going. “that’s not all” my mom said, “follow me" I followed her into my grandma's room and looked on the bed, and there stood huge suitcase's and Disney themed clothes I was more than excited. I ran to my nana and mom and gave them both a huge bear hug could not wait to go.

"Hailey wake up" I rolled over and looked at the clock, the red numbers staring right back at me, it was only 4:00 am, suddenly it's like I was hit with a bus of remembrance because I realized that today was the day I was going to Florida. I jumped out of bed and raced into my nanas room she was already up and doing her black hair. She turned around and looked at me, "Hailey you should probably start getting ready" she said with a giggle at the end. Once again, I raced out of her room and down the hall to my room. I did all my stuff and once I was ready so was everyone else. We all walked out only to be hit by a wave of coldness as we walked to the car the air bit at our noses and ears. When we reached the car we all put our luggage into the trunk jumped into the car and the we were off with our adventure.

When we finally arrived at the airport we took our luggage out and walked into the airport. So many people where here it was as if we were in an ocean and different schools of fish were everywhere. "Hailey, we got to hurry" my mom said snapping me out of my daze. We then hurried to the desk and registered our name. We walked over to the huge line and waited for our luggage to get checked. Once we finally arrived to the front of the line we put our luggage down and walked up to the inspection. Once it was my turn to go I had to step up to this circular big tube and stand in the middle, the doors closed and the sides of the tube started to spin. My mom, nana, and sister all did this process also. Then it was time to wait for our plane to be called.

Then it was called. We all made our way to the lady who had her hair in a side ponytail, a blue scarf covering her neck and a blue shirt with a matching blue skirt. She welcomed us with a warming smile as she collected our tickets and gave them back. Once my ticket was collected the energy took over me and I ran down the narrow tunnel to where the plane was held, I just couldn’t wait to get there. We were then escorted to our seats on the plane and sat down. I looked out the window and couldn’t wait till we reached our destination.

 Bump, Thud, Screech, was all I heard and felt as we landed. Everyone was filled with relief knowing that we got to our destination safely. The pilot then got on to the speaker and thanked us for flying with him and then we were on our way. We walked off of the airplane and there in front of us was a huge opening with stores and fast food places. We didn’t need to eat though because we had snacks on the plane. So, we went right to the train that would bring us to our hotel. 

We arrived at our hotel and brought the luggage to the room. The room was really nice two big beds with white sheets, and a big flat screen tv. I laid on the bed and thought about tomorrow, I was now suddenly so nervous, what if I do bad, what if I fall, what if the other teams are better than me? Thoughts raced through my head, and butterflies abrupted in my stomach, I was NOT looking forward to tomorrow. 

When I woke up I instantly felt a wave of nerves wash over my body as I dragged myself out of the white fluffy sheets and soft warm bed. I dragged my feet to the bathroom where I found myself face to face with a monster, I looked like a monster. My hair was everywhere and I had bags under my eyes, great, I thought. After I did my morning routine and got into my competition Leo my mom nana and sister al got up and got ready. When we all ate our breakfast, we were ready to leave to go to the competition.

Once we arrived and walked in I was amazed, it was so much bigger than I would have expected, and now I was even more nervous. As I walked into the sign in and got my number, the other teams were glairing right through my soul, if looks could kill I guarantee that I wouldn’t be here right now. We walked away from the glaring girls and I found my coach. I said goodbye to my mom, and got ready to stretch.

Once we were done stretching it was time to compete, our first event was beam, my WORST event. I went up and did all my warm ups and the next thing I knew it was my turn to compete. I saluted to the judges, took a deep breath, and started my routine, mount, dance, back tuck, stick, dance full and a half turn, switch leap, back handspring back handspring, land, now time for the dismount, run, run front layout stick salute. I walked back to my coach stunned at what I just did on the balance beam. Maybe this wasn’t going to be that hard of a competition that I thought.
In the overall I did great, basically I am the 14th best gymnast in the NATION. And I now know that when I'm nervous I just have to take a deep breath and go. I may have gotten a few glares from the other teams but I did my best and that’s all that matters, now that I'm done competing it's time to go to some amusement parks.

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this is about a time where i was surprised to go on a trip to disney for gymnastic nationals.

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