The Machine and Its Partner in Crime

October 24, 2017
By Gwyneth BRONZE, Cupertino , California
Gwyneth BRONZE, Cupertino , California
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 “Bzzzzzz” the machine sang. I looked at my parents and quickly looked back at the doctor. I was surrounded by these weird looking people in black. A mask was put onto my face and was secured with an elastic band that was around my head. The mask covered my nose and my mouth, there was a peculiar vapor that invaded my nostrils. Not knowing why, I began to cry. A sharp smell went up my nose. Instantaneously, I felt dizzy and wanted to sleep. It felt like I was being abducted, even though my parents were a few feet away from me.

    “Am I going to live? Am I going to see my parents again?” I thought hazily.
    “She’s falling asleep!” yelled someone. It was a yell I barely heard.

I closed my eyes and did not open them for a long time. I could still smell the weird vapor smell up my nose. 3...2...1… I couldn’t feel anything nor hear anything.

A bright light was the first thing I saw when waking up. I was panting really hard while holding onto the side of the bed. A pinch went through my arm,
           “Ow!” I yelped while glaring at the nurse. I flinched when I saw there were six shots lying on the tray.
            “Sorry sweetheart but you have to stay still.” She responded. I could just see the halo shining over her head as the needle barged deep into my skin. I could tell she was trying to be gentle but it wasn’t working.

I scanned the room looking for my parents, slowing my breathing down and calmly rescanning the room after not finding them on the first try. Outside I heard these people talking, very softly.

           “Your daughter’s asthma is really bad,  if she doesn't take enough good medication, more incidents like this will occur but it will be more severe in the future. Since she is only three years old we can start to put her on strict medication.” Someone reported.


The person went on blabbering about more medication options. The door opened and another nurse came in with a green m&m stuffed toy. I glanced at the nurse and then stared back at the ceiling. I was confused on many different levels. The nurse walked over and handed me the green m&m stuffed toy.

            “Thanks.” I managed to choke out.
             I held the toy in my hands, carefully turning it from side to side examining every feature. It stared right back at me with creepy gazing eyes.
    “It’s all your fault I don’t know where mommy and daddy are.” I thought in my head, narrowing my eyes. “ It’s all your fault I’m don’t know anyone here and I’m all alone.”

I didn’t know who to blame for this but I still blamed it on the toy. I was forced to bring home the scary machine that I had saw before but still not remembering where I saw the terrible machine that was suppose to help me with my asthma. On the way home, I didn’t take my eyes off from the monstrous machine and it’s partner in crime, the green m&m.

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Potato said...
on Nov. 11 2017 at 12:35 pm
I think that it's really interesting how you started the story and all of the details you gave. But one tip, try not to rush the story along, take it more slowly.

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