The Dead Guy on the Bus

October 24, 2017
By Anonymous

Before we get into the story, let me introduce where I was. I was spending my June with my family in Penang, Malaysia. Penang is a tiny tropical island in the Indian Ocean. Penang is full of wonderful food and buildings. One bad part about Penang is the hot weather. That was the only thing in my mind when I was dragging my body through a beach trail. There was sweat and I maybe tears dripping from my face. I never sweat which tells you it’s VERY hot. Once we finished the trail, there was a huge sense of relief. Our tour guides then took us by boat to the city. We then took the bus to go to our hotel and this is when everything started to happen.

When we got to the bus stop the place around it looked like India to me; bad roads, poor traffic discipline, and trash. Once we got into our bus we were greeted by the bus driver. There was also a 50-60-year-old Indian thin man laying down on a bench in the bus and I assumed he was asleep. His face was very tanned and unshaven. His shirt was covered in sweat and was wearing jeans. The bus then started to move. I was staring at the man’s body for some time, to see if he would wake up. I found it strange because he was sleeping in a very awkward position. I wouldn’t sleep a second on that position. Also, he could’ve slept on one of the seats on the bus. I soon slowly lost interest at looking at the sleeping man. All of a sudden, there was a loud thud. I felt as if I jumped out of my seat when I heard the noise. Although everyone heard the thud, the bus still kept on moving. Like any normal person, I looked to see what happened. The old man was laying there with his eyes still closed and looked sound asleep. There were was a murmur among the people on the bus as now everyone they were staring at the asleep man. Some people were bringing out their phones. For some time I thought the man was dead. I started wondering is this the first time I’m seeing a dead body up close? So much was going through my mind as I didn’t take my eyes of the body. Soon, the bus driver stopped the bus and told all the passengers to get out, even though it wasn't the right bus station we were supposed to get off at. I was sort of confused why because it wasn’t our bus stop.

As we were getting out the driver in a thick accent said the man was drunk.

When he said that there was more confusion than shock. Why would he be okay to have a drunk man in his bus in the first place? As I was standing outside I was still convinced he was dead. I then saw the bus driver start slapping the supposedly drunk man repeatedly and probably telling the man to “wake up” in Indonesian as if he were his son and trying to wake him to up to get ready for school. I thought that the driver was being too harsh. Many slaps later the so believed dead man woke up and yes he was drunk. The bus driver kicked him out of the now empty bus and the drunk man didn't look too happy. He then kicked another bus in the bus stop out of anger and started walking towards us. I was feeling very nervous hoping he wouldn’t get any closer to us, but he didn’t. Suddenly, another bus driver told us into his bus quickly and I really hoped the drunk man didn’t get into our bus. I started to imagine what would it be like to have him in our bus which made me feel uncomfortable. The drunk man still followed. He waved money in his hand as if he wanted to get in. What the bus driver did next may have changed my life. He closed the bus door. As I remember this I have second thoughts of taking a bus or even going to Penang because of this one scary moment. Also, I learned that taking drugs and alcohol can lead you to be a serious nuisance to society

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