The Jello Accident

October 24, 2017
By Yvonne BRONZE, Cupertino, California
Yvonne BRONZE, Cupertino, California
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I was average height as a first grader and I was basically addicted to anything sweet. For example chocolate, candy , lollipops ,cupcakes, jello, ice cream, etc. It was a weekday and my mom needed to go to Target to buy some stuff, so she took us with her because she couldn't leave us at home alone. Then my friend and his mom decided to come too.


I looked around the rows of chips, crackers, candy. I could feel my saliva dripping out of the corner of my mouth. Suddenly something caught my eye. There in the back of the row were tons of jello. There were fruit ones, green ones , red ones and different brands all over the place. My mouth watered even more as I quickly grabbed a fruit one to show my mom. I was so excited because I hadn’t had one in a really really long time.

“Can I have this? Please with a cherry on top” I begged.


“ No you can’t, it’s not healthy and it’s full of artificial dye and it’s to sweet” my mom said annoyed. A wave of sadness filled my heart as I slowly walked back a thought popped me into my mind. I was there at home eating the jello. Which made my mouth water all over again. I reached on my tippy toes all the way up, as high as I can. I  quickly pushed the jello on to the racks my feet getting sore. I turned my foot ready to walk back. SPLAT! I turned around there was a puddle of jello spewing out of the tiny container, something that I feared was going to happen as I was turning around. Fruits and jello were all over the place. I felt my cheek turn hot at the sight of what had happened. I could feel drops of liquid dripping down my cheeks rapidly as my mom came and see what happened. 

“What happened? What did you do?” She shouted getting angrier every second. She quickly called a employee to clean up the mess. My siblings and my friends watching the incident as if it was a movie.

       “Uh…. I was just trying to put it back and then it fell”I said nervously ,trying to fight back tears.    

“You're so careless Yvonne” My mom said angrily. I bursted into tears. I threw my arms around my friend's mom as she offered me a hug. She patted  me on the back as I sobbed onto her clothes. As I sobbed , my mom lecturing me of how careless I was and how I should be more careful and pay more attention to things loudly as if I needed hearing aids. I could hear mumbling as my friends mom talks quietly to my mom, but I couldn’t hear what they were saying. I was busy thinking of the words my mom said.


“Am I really that careless? Should I really be more careful? I should start paying more attention to things I do.” I thought to myself.


“I’m really sorry Mommy, I didn’t mean to do that” I said to my mom still half crying.


“It’s okay you just shouldn’t be so careless” My mom said kindly. I felt a wave of relief as I followed her to buy other groceries and home appliances. Walking carefully not to do anything wrong. Now I always look back to that time and always be really careful and not be careless about what I do.

The author's comments:

I hope that people will learn to not be so careless

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