The Worst Day Ever

October 24, 2017
By Anonymous

It was a Monday, it just had to be a Monday. The sky was cloudy and everything had a grayish look to it. My dark room did nothing to help my mood, I sat up and promptly hit my head on the ceiling. Me and my sister shared a bunk and the ceiling was about a foot or two above the top bed. “Ow” I mumbled and had to crawl to the other end of the bed literary. I climbed down the stairs of the bunk bed and shook my sister awake. She grumbled and moaned and I tried to drag her out of bed, but she continously refused the concept of waking up and kept crawled back into bed. This was usual for her as she doesn't like waking up as she sleeps late from “working”. I stumbled around letting my eyes adjusted the darkness, picked up the papers from my humongous wooden desk. It had a large map on it which I had slowly picked apart over the years whet Asia should be there was Washington taped to it clear as day. I looked at it for another second, then walked down the hallway. The hallway was dark with the door at the far end, my mom’s room, closed with an aura that made you not want to go in. Downstairs was no better as the even the Christmas tree that we always had in the living room was gloomy.


I made myself some breakfast, and the sky had started to clear up. After a little bit it seemed like it was never cloudy at all. The sun was had started shining and no one would expect what happened next. I had the usual breakfast milk and bread, all the noise had woken up my grandma. She was your stereotypical movie grandma who took walks to the park, that also scolds a lot of people. She will yell at you for anything and always tries to dress 20 years younger, like the hot pink visor she wears when it’s sunny. She opened the door to her room, which was really old fashioned and I told her I was ready to leave, so she got ready as I stared at the ceiling thinking “ ugh 5more days of school until the weekends.” I then lay down on the couch in our living room and took a nap. When we left the house my grandmother scolded me in Chinese” Ryan you need to put on more clothes or you’ll get sick”, but I replied “ I’m not cold.”After a while though I gave up and ran back covered in twolayers of jackets.


During the next turn I ran ahead and she told me to wait, but this just made me go faster. At the last intersection I was 2 blocks away and I looked at all three of the roads and none of the cars were moving so I took a step, then two, then three and on the fifth step Wham!!! I was sent backward stumbling trying to regain my balance and as I thought “ Oh no” bam , I fell down and hit my head hard. I was lucky I had bundled up I got up immediately and saw my grandma yell out something along the line “You b****,” and smack on the door of the mini van that had just hit me. It was your everyday minivan it  was a bronze like color and had a dent in the backseat door. The driver an indian woman had drove down a little bit further, parked, got out, and ran over and apologised, but since my grandma doesn’t understand English and kept yelling at the top of her lungs. Soon the fire department arrived in their fire truck and got the situation under control. First they stop the bickering between the 2 grownups and checked if I was okay I told them I had a small headache and they said I might have a concussion.


At this point my grandma friend/ my friends grandma, who had seen the incident had come over and acted as the witness she said I had just got onto the road and that I looked at all the roads before walking. Then suddenly the car  just had appeared and made a turn and hit me. The driver said that the sun was in her eyes and that she didn’t see me there. She kept apologizing and I sorta felt bad for her. Eventually the commotion settled down and I was told to stay at home to rest because of a chance of concussion, but before I left they gave me this card and told me “ if you want to see what happened you I didn’t get a concussion in the end ,but when my parents found out the freaked out and were so worried and  hugged me hard which hurt more than the car  and after that event when I crossed that street I would look three times and be super anxious when the car comes. Now far later I looked back and think about what the fire many had said “ you're one of the lucky ones” and appreciate my luck.

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