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October 25, 2017
By lily145 BRONZE, Cupertino, California
lily145 BRONZE, Cupertino, California
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“Thud”, Landed on the sofa. After a while, watching T.V. on the couch, watching my sister Divya preparing for her SAT exams was really boring. “I am bored”, I said to my sister, then she said,”Why can't you play outside, with your weird friends”, “Hey”, I said briskly. Walking out of the door my sister shouted, “be back by 8:00pm.” “Ok”, I said. While I was walking to my friends house I saw my enemy Shandra. Her full name was Shandra Jerkus Robertson. Shandra was bossy, mean, cunning and she had lot’s of attitude, she would also make up lot’s of rules. Once, when we were playing hide and seek around the whole apartment she would see where I would hide first and once she was found, she would tell the person who was seeking where I was hiding. Another time, she would make up her own games and she would say,”Jeez, there are only 3 people who are supposed to play in this game, you can’t play,”, “SORRY, NEXT TIME”. After a while like 5 seconds, Shandra came up to me and she said, “Can I play with you.” 

My hands started shaking, my body was shivering with goosebumps, I didn’t know what to say so, I said, “Umm, sure but I am not guarantee that there will be people playing with us cause it’s about 7:30 already.” Shandra immediately looked at me and said, ‘actually I think it’s fine if both of us play only.” Then I said, “Let’s see.” I knocked the doorbell, then Maya, my second best friend opened the door, but the minute she opened the door she saw Shandra and felt uncomfortable, I knew she felt that way because, her eyes started getting all red-ish, and she looked at me in a weird way. Then she looked at me and said, “I need to tell you something Archi.” I definitely knew she hated Shandra, so I was assuming that she wanted to talk about why shandra’s there with me.

I stepped aside and told Shandra that me and maya need a private talk. Then Shandra said, “Jeez, a private talk, stop wasting time and make it quick.” Maya whispered to me, “why did you call Shandra to play? “I had no clue she would come”, I said. “Then you should have tricked her into not playing with you or us.” She said in an angry voice. I really felt anxious about what was going on. So I said, “ Maya can we talk about this later I have to go in 1 hour, Let’s not waste time.” Then Maya said,” Fine, Let's go” We were on our way to the playground, when maya was looking at me in an hatred way because of shandra. It was weird cause she was never angry at me in her whole life. When we reached to the playground we saw many kids playing around. So, we thought why can't we play hide and seek when there’s lots of people to play with. So, we invited some people to join us. Maya said,”Isn't it too dark to play, you could get hurt.” I said,”I think it will be alright Maya.” Then we started playing and good thing I wasn’t it for blue shoe. So, we started hiding and I was hiding near my house, because there are good hiding places near my house. After a while Maya was found, so me and Shandra were together hiding, we were hiding near an edged pipe wall. It was all dark so we couldn't see anything so shandra thought it would be a good idea to hide there because then no one could see anything. I felt uncomfortable hiding near that steel edged pipe so I thought I should move. While I was moving, Shandra shouted,”LOOK AHEAD”. When I looked I slipped down and hit my head right on the steel pipe bar.

It hurt bad, very bad. The moment I hit my head I felt goosebumps and I was really uneasy. I shouted,” Ouch, that hurts help”. Then Shandra was acting like she had no clue about what happened but, actually the truth was she pushed me I knew it because her face was all red and she was looking at me in a weird way. I was 100% sure that she was going to do that but, it was my fault that I was playing with her. After this, my friends started to huddle over me. Then, I didn’t even say a word and I immediately ran home having my hand over my head.
I knocked the doorbell, my sister opened it she said,”What the, happened to your head Archi.” Then I told her what happened very briefly. Then she said,” It’ll be alright don't worry too much “ok.” I said, Ok”, but it really hurt. After a while my parents came back from work. They took a bit care of it too but mostly my sister.

When my parents came they worried too much, but did nothing. When I looked at myself at the mirror in the back of my bedroom door, I saw a big bump on my head. Oh my god, it looked like an egg, EXACTLY LIKE AN EGG. I thought this was never going to go away in the same time I felt happy, because I won’t have to go to school. I wasn’t sure about this so I asked my mom. She said, “No, honey you will definitely go to school tomorrow, I am pretty sure your bump will be gone.” From upstairs my sister shouted, “Yah Boiled Bump or should I say Boiled Egg.” I then took some rest. The next day morning I looked at myself in the mirror. “OOOhh my gosh, the bump is actually gone, WOW.” I was surprised it was gone in one day. I was getting ready to go to school. After school was done, I again went outside to play, but this time I learned not to play with people who don't care about you.

The author's comments:

This is a true based story. This was really interestinng to write about. This was actually very inspiring. 

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