Getting Beat Up

October 23, 2017
By dakli333 BRONZE, CUPERTINO, California
dakli333 BRONZE, CUPERTINO, California
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It was a warm Sunday, and after church, my family and I had decided to take my friend home for a play date. I don’t even know why I took him home that week, we were having some bad blood for the past month together, making each other more and more annoyed. All in all, he was a pretty tough guy, big boned, and was well over 100 pounds, much heavier than me. Unfortunately, the thick air made it hard to see that day, and the window in my room is open. We are sitting on my bed, both sipping our soda. All of a sudden, I spill his drink and his pants soak up the moisture. He watches as I double over laughing. “OH You! You are so dead!”, he screams. Immediately, I jump to my feet and quickly sprint away to run for my life, as he advances quickly from behind. A vase shatters, but trust me, that’s the least of my worries. The last time this happened, my crazy friend crushed the living daylights out of my body. Who knows what types of friends I have. (Don’t even ask)

“I’m so gonna kill you!”, he yells, his eyes mad with rage. “Yeah! In your dreams!”, I sing behind me. Laughing as I run, I scurry for the exit, and I grasp something about his face. Was it anger? Nah, he’s probably just acting mad. I dart around a corner and out the door, as the door slams behind me. Without thinking, my bare feet hit the concrete, and barely capable of taking a glance back, I begin to tire. To my surprise, he wasn’t there. Where was he? I waited for a while, and I begin to grow impatient. I briefly saw a window shut and movement upstairs. A loud crash fills the air. Could it be him? I sat there, unable to pass up the fear that took me as I waited out on the concrete floor, listening to the wind.

Five minutes later, he came down with new pants, and on the way out knocks a baseball bat to the ground. I thought he was going to pick it up. “Hey! We can work things out here!” I cry. His answer was a loud jaw-shattering yell, as yet another chase unravels itself. Stealthily, I hide behind a tree as I take a breath. “Come out, come out, wherever you are!” He sing songs to me. “Hey, and by the way, I took apart a few of your LEGO sets, so if you want me to stop you better come out and fight mono-a-mono!” It felt like a bullet through my chest. “How? What!? My LEGO sets?”, I screamed in my mind. That was it. I said something I shouldn’t have said like three times. He seemed to get more and more angry each time, and without warning, I bolted.

He chased after me relentlessly, and caught me, pinning me down with his sweaty hand. As he sits on my left arm, pain shoots up through it. “Ow! OW! OWWWW! Hey! You literally broke my arm there!”, I scream. Instinctively, I put my hands up as he readies a next blow to my face. I turn to avoid his face, smoldering with anger. I take in the sweet scent of flowers and think it’s such a shame such a nice day has to end this way. Pow! His fist connects with the side of my head, and my head goes crazy. Instantaneously, my hands clutch my head feebly, as my vision blacks out. “It’s over,” I realize, my head numb with pain, but it’s too late now. I wake up in a room, and barely open my eyes. “Hey, I’m so sorry. Are you okay?”, I hear my friend say. “Hey, it’s fine,” I reply weakly. “You’ll be ok soon. I didn’t mean to knock you out!”, he said, and I notice his eyes are red from crying. I close my eyes again and go back to sleep.

When I look back on this, I realized that since we were having some bad blood, taking him home to my house was definitely not the best idea. Just for your information, we’re great friends now, and we still have the occasional pillow fight. However, even though he may have been not very nice to me then, we both built the LEGO sets back together and he really cared for me when my head was still hurting. Still, it’s not the best experience of my life, but hey, at least I didn’t die.

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Mr.Gr said...
on Oct. 30 2017 at 11:06 am
Mr.Gr, Cupertino, California
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Great job of making us wonder what will happen. You kept giving a little bit more and more, and the climax was well done.

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