LIfe Is a Highway

October 25, 2017
By KeannaMason BRONZE, Auburn, New York
KeannaMason BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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They say the heart stops when you don’t hear the beep. And my heart did, I could feel the sweat coming down my face like condensation on a window pane, the silence of my family, in that moment I could hear a pin drop, the sadness that roams the room. Then I came back to reality that my bestfriend my grandpa was gone. The person who held me to get me to sleep when the salty tears rushed down my face. I can hear soft voices saying “it’s going to be okay,” made the tears just pour out more. Because I knew they were tricking my mind to make me feel better than I did. At this moment my life changed drastically. I ran out the room because I couldn’t handle the dark cloud that was over our heads.


Tears falling faster than rain from heaven. When I ran out the room I felt my weak legs collapse, my arms and hands felt like jelly. I sat there for a minute and tried to get myself together to face my grandma. What would you say to the person who lost her soulmate, the person they made a new generation with. Something like this doesn't happen to our family. We knew the time was going to come, but when it came we werent ready. My grandpa struggled with a sick demons called cancer for a while. Everyday it got worse and worse some night he couldn't even get up. It broke my heart every time I went over to my grandparents house because all I could hear is my grandpas horrible cough that sounded like he was coughing up a lung.

Before the deadly demon came into my papa's life we did things that will always have a impact in my life. We went fishing, I wish he could see the pike I caught for him before he passed. The drives out of the little town we lived in, going to gullys, went to lakes.  The things he experiments with his father and brother Richie. Those moments meant the world to me, because my dad didn’t live with me so my grandpa stepped in and treated me like I was his, “his little putts” as he called me. But the life-sucking leech took the energy he had away from his very hands. He didn't have energy to do the things he loved. When he did do them it wasn’t much time he had to grab his oxygen tank to get the oxygen that the leech took from him. We made memories upon memories before he passed. The time that I shared with him was the best times of my life, because I knew I couldn't experient them again with him. On the little adventures we used to take he always used to play this song called “life is a highway” and tap on the driving wheel, it touches my heart because life is a highway, and that highway stops at some point. There’s this one line that says “Life’s like a road that you travel on. When there’s one day here and the next day gone.” That speaks to me a lot because it’s so true, tomorrow isn’t granted to you.

Your life could be snachted faster than you know it, so spend the time you have with the people you love and cherish. My grandpa lived a long period of time and taught me many things that I still used today. Even though the day he passed was the worst day of my life. I got to share the memories of our experiments together with him, he couldn’t actually talk back to me, but I know every word I said he listened to. It’s going on two years now without my papa living right next door from me, he’s now right inside me. I hope I’m making you proud Papa.

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