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October 23, 2017
By Emily.Pruette BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
Emily.Pruette BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
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Did you know that teens working at a young age provide a healthy transition to adulthood.  Well, my name is Emily P. and I work at the age of 14.  I work at Ben & Jerry's and it's spectacular.  When I first started, I started out making the waffle cones. The smell of the crisp air intermingling with the succulent smell of vanilla and cinnamon is beautiful in a weird way, those components just worked together.   Just getting hit with the steam of sent is mesmerizing. When your done with working you smell like a giant yummy vanilla and cinnamon mix of yummy-ness.  That was just the first day of training, I'm sure theres more to come. 


The reason why I chose this is because everyone asked me how did you get your job you're so young.  Also everyone asked me can you get me free stuff or, can you tell me when you're working so I can go in and get free stuff. Whenever someone says that I always want to say why would I put my job on the line for you to get something free.  Like I don't want your petty friendship over my job.  But of course, me being me I bite my tongue until that familiar metal taste fills my mouth, and a magnificent red fills my mouth. And for some reason an unholy rage spurts out from inside me, like a bomb in a airtight chamber.  But yet my body remains still and my face expressionless, at that moment I had looked like a deer in headlights. 

This was a choice everything is a choice I could have said something different and yet I didn't because I have a choice.  A choice in what I have to do. We constantly have choices in her life, living as a choice.    You have a choice for what you eat for lunch today or, what you watch on TV all of these choices we make in our daily lives and yet we hardly notice them. For another example, I have a choice on what I'm putting on this paper right now. Weird right, and you had a choice to read this right now.

Laurie had a choice to hire me she didn't have to hire me but she did. I am so happy say Ben & Jerry's is my third home. The second is school, and the first is of course my actual home.  Laurie is an incomparable boss, she's just magnificent not only that but she's the godmother of my baby brother Matthew. Laurie is family and will always be family. But before Matthew was even born, on a beautiful/disgusting burning sunny day, we were at my great grandma’s (she lives in a retirement home).  When me and my mom walked in the room with the smell of baby powder and perfume of all people with the direct hit in the face the damage was a critical hit.  But my Tito wasn't there so we went to the dining room, nothing. Then we went to the game room, nothing. So when we were looking we noticed another residence door , Me being the snoopy person I am I look inside. And of course to my shock there was another person sitting in the room one that I've not met yet and of course my grandma was there and another person in the corner.  My grandma lives there so we let her stay, my mom was also chit-chatting with the lady in the corner also known as Laurie.  And of course, there I was sitting awkwardly me now in the corner with my knees up to my chest all by myself.  From that moment one everyone got along.   Now here we are, sadly Laurie’s mom passed away a year ago, but we all love each other and I'm still awkward so, everything still the same.

To sum up this crazy mess of a story of my life I choose to work at Ben & Jerrys. She asked me if I wanted to and I said yes, I could've said no but I didn't fortunately. With all the training I've done and learning my flavors. I feel like having this job has made me a better and more humble person. When I help someone with their order and I see the smile on their face. It makes me feel so humble and happy to have this job. It's something I look forward to, It makes me feel so fortunate to have this job. It's something I look forward to, and it's what it's what helps me get out of bed. Just to put a smile on someone's face anyone's face. In conclusion it's a privilege to work at Ben & Jerrys.

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