My Expectations and Goals for High School

October 22, 2017
By SemicolonsAndPeriods SILVER, Keyport, New Jersey
SemicolonsAndPeriods SILVER, Keyport, New Jersey
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High school is a time for a student to achieve the goals that they set in the years before it. For me, my personal goals are simple. The main and most vital achievement I wish to accomplish is to further my education. I am heavily interested in getting into a college, preferably with a full scholarship. To achieve this goal, it requires me to not only obtain and maintain above average grades, but also to continue to partake in community service and various activities.

Relating to the goal of knowledge expansion, another goal I have set for myself to complete in my high school years is to meet new friends. Though I plan on focusing on academics, it is highly likely that there will be times where homework, tests, and/or projects will stress me out. To help relieve that mental state, I’ll need compassionate friends who I can not only see daily, but will also share the same interests and views as me.
Delving further into the depths of what I wish to accomplish in my high school years is to not only expand my social life and academic ability, but to also expand my set of skills. I believe that trying new things is an important part of growing. With new clubs introduced to me, new classes I can take, and new people I can meet in this unfamiliar environment, this is a ideal time to continue doing so. Due to the variety of new people joining the school with me, I will also be able to learn more about neighboring towns and how other families in different cultures act.

More specific topics I wish to further my skills in are physical subjects such as the sport of field hockey, but also the more creative aspects of life. This includes the better known and easily understood things such as filmmaking, writing, and photography, but also the art forms that can hold much deeper meanings such as dance and drawing. I’ve always been interested in creativity, and I’ve exposed myself to and/or expressed interest in many different art forms. I feel that expanding this skill set will not only benefit myself in a personal sense, but it will also help me to prepare myself for college. Aforementioned, college is my ultimate goal, as it will prepare me for my future profession as well as the real world and the responsibilities that come with it.

All in all, however, my goal for high school is to enjoy it as much as I can while still learning and absorbing as much information around me as possible. High school years are usually known as the stereotypical years where teenagers find out who they are while exploring everything they can. Despite this cliché, I plan to promise myself to strive to do just that, accomplish most/all of the goals I have set for myself, and more.

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