Who Am I?

October 22, 2017
By sophiaaa.hernandezzz BRONZE, Palm Desert , California
sophiaaa.hernandezzz BRONZE, Palm Desert , California
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Society. What's that you may ask? Well, society is us. Don't worry, we're  just the ones who tell you how should look to be beautiful or handsome and how you should act and who you should be to fit in.


I'm ugly because my face doesn't look perfectly structured like a barbie doll's does. I'm fat because I'm human and I eat when I'm hungry. I'm stupid because I don't get strait A’s on every report card like the good kids do. I'm weird because I'm not who you are. You want me to be everything I'm not. Now in days all we do is try to impress others so they can be happy. What about ourselves? What's right and what's wrong to you? What makes you happy and what makes them happy?


We have lost the way. We took the wrong turn onto judgement, dis respect, un acceptance, and etc. We overthink everything and feel too little. We bring down others because we bring ourselves down. We judge everyone by how they look and not who they truly are. We grow up being taught to get good grades,be nice, and make friends. What about being taught that you don't have to have a relationship to be happy, you don't have to fit in and be like everyone else, and that you're perfect how you are?


Most of us are miles away from the purpose of life. We're all so caught up on just fitting in and being like everyone else. No one gives you a chance. A chance to show your true colors and the chapters behind your unique and individual story. You can't ever express how you feel without being judged or criticized by people's thoughts and words. So you start to hate what you are but can't figure who you want to be. 


Teens are suicidal. Everyone's stressed and misguided. What happened to forehead kisses and holding hands? What happened to being drug free? What happened to never wanting to grow up. What happened to happiness. Most of us are living wrong but can't seem to make it right.  I just want a decent world. I decent base. I decent anything. Who am I?

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