Living or Dying

October 20, 2017
By James Brians BRONZE, Tool, Texas
James Brians BRONZE, Tool, Texas
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Blood was everywhere and the only thing I could hear was my aunt say “Don’t go to sleep, baby.” I tried to listen, but everything went black.

It was a beautiful day outside, and I was so excited to go see my grandma on my father's side. They had a really big ranch with lots of animals on it: they had like twenty dogs, and they were so much fun to run with! I was talking so fast that my parents didn’t know what i was saying. I was mostly excited to see my dad, since I hadn’t visited him in over two years, and for once, I could.

We were on the road on the road for about an hour before we arrived. As soon as the car stopped, my parents couldn’t keep me in the car any longer,so I sprang out of the car to greet him. His arms were wide open, and I ran straight into them! I was so happy to see him. I was talking a hundred words every second.I just keep going on and on about how much i missed him and what i did during summer.I was surprised that he could actually keep up with what I was saying.

Before me, my brother, aunt, and uncle left our house.They told me and my brother to pack some clothes.After a hour of being at my grandma’s house,they told us we were going to spend the night.We were so happy to get to spend the night with our father, and our other cousins were going to come over and spend a couple of nights, too.

We woke up around ten. It was time to get exploring and get to meet cousins.It was the first time getting to know them and what they liked to do.Its been over a year since I’ve seen them.But first,my grandma asked if he could help her with the yard since all of us kids where their.I finished my part with feeding the animals,at the time I was too young to help with the other big chores,I was only five or six,i was not going to school yet.That day was about to take a big turn.

It was one when my grandma asked all the big kids to rake up the leaves,while they where doing so I was just sitting down watching them.That's when one of them and rolled under a metal rake.Then he did it again and I thought I was funny,so monkey see monkey do,and I gave it a try.When I rolled all I remember was turning up and that’s when the rake came down and hit me just above my right eye.Blood started gushing everywhere,everyone was freaking and I was still on the ground crying,my aunt and grandma came out running running when my brother told them what happened.They picked me up and put me in the truck and started speeding to the hospital.My eyes felt heavy and I just couldn’t stay awake.I could hear a faint sound of my aunt saying “Don’t go to sleep baby.” And that’s when everything went black.

They took me to the emergence room and told the nurses to please get someone to help.They came out running with a stretcher and laid me on it.I can only remember bits and pieces of the event.Everything was a blur.They put a mask over my face and said “don’t worry,baby your going to be fine.”I didn’t know if she was telling the truth or not,but the medicine in the mask made me fall asleep.I woke up in the middle of getting stitches.They were so painful.Even with the numbing medicine i could still feel the pain.To this day i can not stand needles.

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