My Life on the Ranch

October 20, 2017
By Anonymous

I wake to the sound of my alarm at the crack of dawn. Even though I’m dog tired from the previous day, I get out of bed because I love working on the ranch.

My boss tells me to go round up the cattle in the far pen, then feed them. I call all the other ranch hands. We saddle our horses and take off that way. It's very hard to find all those cows through the woods, me and all the other hands make a U shape around all the cattle and push them with the horses into the V trap. This is the pen where the giant concrete feeders are. I jump in the feed truck and pull it under a our big green tower that John “our feed guy puts hundreds of pounds of feed a week in . I tell my ranch partners to pull the lever then the feed falls right into the truck. I drive back to the trap and put the feed in the big concrete troughs. Then I run to the 90 acre past where my dad's most prized bucking horses are. I have to feed them the right amount to keep them in shape for the rodeos coming up.

Now it’s time to go to the hay field to load square bales. Which is the hardest part of my day. It’s so hot and the bales are only 75 pounds but after a while makes your arms numb after a while, you get major blister from the string of the bales rubbing your hands. I finally finished About 6 o’clock and drive them to the hay barn where all the hay I loaded much me unloaded and stacked in the correct order.

When sunset comes, the work day's over. It’s about 8 o’clock. We round up the steers then send them to the arena. I jump on the four wheeler and run to the barn to saddle my roping horses. We rope till about midnight then sit around the camp fire and play our guitars. Once our fun ended it’s time to unsaddle and get somesleep cause morning comes early ever morning here on the ranch.

Life on the ranch is hard but at the same time it's amazing. Of course, there's bad days where we have to get up earlier than usual and work way harder, but also there’s great days where everything goes smoothly and it all works out great. To me it’s worth have long bad days, they just make the good days better. I love my life on the ranch.

The author's comments:

This is my day to day life

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