What To Do with a Warming World

October 20, 2017
By SUPREMEHAT2004 BRONZE, Coconut Creek, Florida
SUPREMEHAT2004 BRONZE, Coconut Creek, Florida
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A very important global issue that we as humans need to fully address is global warming. Global warming is the heating up of the earth and is caused by our star, the sun continuing to grow in size and give off more heat. This slow process is being sped up by greenhouse gases and pollution.

Two major effects we will see in the next one hundred years or so is the rise of sea level and change in average temperatures. Rising sea level is caused by the melting of glaciers around the world and expected to start intensifying in the next 50 years. We already see effects of rising sea level in Miami, Florida. During the recent Hurricane Irma, Miami was flooded in a matter of hours due to the fact of its low elevation and poor drainage. Another effect we could see in the next 100 years is the rise in temperature. It is estimated that the temperature will average 1 degree more at the peak of global warming, which seems mild. But when you compare it to 4 degrees more in average, which is deadly, you understand how powerful 1 degree can be.

Although everything I've told you is not promising, there are steps you can take to slow done the process of global warming. One thing you can do is lower your carbon footprint, which gives you a grade based on your water and power consumption and how much you waste. A one on the scale means that if the entire population was like you, then they would need only one earth. The average carbon footprint in America is an 8 on the scale. Another thing you can do to help is recycle. Recycling helps because there is less waste to put in incinerators and trash mountains. Recycling also reuses things that can be put in it, so it also saves a lot of money.

In conclusion, global warming is a very important issue, but can be solved if we lower our carbon footprint and recycle more often. Global warming doesn't have to be one of the most important issues in the world to date. In final consideration, global warming is being caused by humans, but we can also be the ones to end it as well.

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