An Office Story

October 20, 2017
By chaparra_cx BRONZE, Wilmington , Delaware
chaparra_cx BRONZE, Wilmington , Delaware
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At the moment I didn’t understand what was going on. I was sitting on my desk thinking of what I had done to get called down to the office. I couldn't think of anything I had done. Since i was timid and I didn’t get in trouble at all. I was thinking to myself, “did I get in trouble or did I do something bad?” The students in my class looked at me and whispered to each other “what did the new girl do?” while some of them were laughing. While i was walking to the office I tried to remember if I did something bad, but nothing came up.

I thought to myself “ Ana que hiciste ahora?”

I turned my head upside down, I couldn’t remember doing anything wrong. All i remembered was being in class with my teacher setting up the snacks for that class. After that i sat down at my table and ate my snack, while i did my work she had left us to finish as soon as recess was over, but that call really got me thinking of what i had done.

 I said to myself,  “no hay evidencia de que yo hice algo malo”

I kept on walking towards office which i thought i knew where it was, yet I was getting lost. I kept making the wrong turns around the school. Then there was a teacher walking down the hallway i was walking down on.

She had asked me in English,  “are you lost?”

I did not understand what she had said at the time because i did not know English.

I answered in Spanish, “no la entiendo”

Then the teacher asked me in Spanish, “estas perdida?”

I answered, “si, me eh perdido yendo a la oficina”

The teacher said, “ven Conmigo yo te llevo a la oficina”

I then followed that teacher to the office and before i walked in the office i saw another student there on the front. I got more nervous as i walked in. The secretary saw ma and she gave me this one look of disappointment…

She then told me “ahora que hiciste Ana?” looking at me all mad and stuff.

I then told her “yo no eh hecho nada así que no se porque me llamaron aquí a la oficina”

 The principal then came out of his office and told me to walk in  so that he could talk to me. Little did i know that there was another girl there sitting crying, and i started to get even more nervous.

  I said to myself, “que esta pasando aqui?”
   Then the principal asked me, “did you see who hurt her and made her cry?”
  The girl then said, “it was her translator that hurt me and made me cry”
  The principal asked me “do you know anything about this?”
  I replied in my bad English “no se? or I don’t know nada?

He questioned me for a while. I was sitting there until my interpreter showed up and looked at the girl with those devil eyes that she looked at me with, that only meant one thing and one thing only, she was coming for her. After that she was suspended two days after two days she didn’t come back. She returned a month later and she left again. No one ever heard from her again. I always wonder where she is now. I just hope she's doing good.

The author's comments:

I hope people learn that every time you get called to the office, if still in school, to not think like I did back then. Also if you see people getting bullied stand up for them, don't be afraid. Make a change. I know if I could relive that day I would've made a change  

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