A Blind Eye

October 19, 2017
By Anonymous

 It was a nice and gorgeous day. It wasn’t sunny at all. The temperature was normal. I was playing outside with my friends and few other kids. We were flying a kite. We were taking turn. One kid fly the kite, when it reached in air- probably 100-150 feet, then he cut the string which was attached to kite(which is used to control kite) and allowed it to loose it free, other kids started chasing after that kite. Trying to catch it and whoever catch the kite first, that person will take the turn, that was the rule.


I was trying my best to catch the kite. I almost catched I but my foot tripped over something and I fell down on ground. On the ground, there was a piece of stick on the ground. Unfortunately, It struck me in my left eye and got stuck. I was crying because my eye was in serious pain. My cousin was there and helped me to pull that stick out of my eye. My eye was red as blood. Nothing changed, I was still crying. My eye was in pain. He took me to his house, where his parents gave a call to my parents and informed them what happen to me.

My parent arrived there and took me to the eye doctor. The doctor did some test on my eye and explained to my parents, “he had temporarily lost his eyesight from his left eye but it can be brought back”. My parents asked the doctor to have an eye operation but he said, “ he’s too young for operation and you have to wait for like 3-4 year for it and I don’t think, he is going to recover his full eyesight even if we do his eye operation… but there is an alternative way to bring back his eyesight by some points.” He gave me some medicine and one and half year course for my left eye. He covered my right eye so I can use my left eye as much as I can, more and more I do, it bring back my eyesight and he gave me glasses to wear, so I can see things clearly, and gave my eye drop.
I used to covered my eye for whole day and wear my glasses, I only uncovered my eye whenever I went to bed. He told us, to visit him after 3 months. After 3 months, I and my parents went there. He did some eye test and covered my right eye and told me to read something from the board. He told me, so far everything is going very well and his eyesight is back by +1 point and if he continues doing, what i told him to do, his eyesight will be back in like one or more year. He told us to come back in 4 months and change my glasses number and gave me some new eyedrop.

We continue went there, every time, he use to do some test on my eye and change my glasses number and gave me new eyedrop. After one and half years, he told us, his eyesight is back but not completely and from now he doesn't need to cover his eye. The course is done. He did a great job and he needs to wear his glasses for rest of my life. He changes my glasses number. Now, I can see close things clearly and I can see far things too but the vision becomes a bit blurry, so I have to use my glasses to see everything clearly.

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