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October 19, 2017
By Predaking2612 BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
Predaking2612 BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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Have you ever thought about those famous people out there in the world who become what they are because of something or a legacy that they created. That’s something which inspires me a lot. In my case, that ‘thing’ is none other than Computer Science and its pioneer. As a student, fun part of Summer vacation is that - Everything is fun. But, I have different choice. Staying in room, staring at the glaring screen; not to mention that both of my hands were occupied. On other side of the one can hear constant keyboard clicks.  Since I was a kid I had this fascinating Interest in Computer Science. To grasp more knowledge on them, I decided why not to learn more about them since I had nothing much to do whole summer. Another reason I wanted to spend my time on Computer studying was because I was still not clear about verity of Computer Science. So far, I have 2 years of Programming experience, most of them(programming languages) is not pragmatic.

At that time only programming languages I knew were Python, little knowledge on C and C++. Mastering this languages especially C++ takes years and years of experience and I was getting impatient to skill it. Only reason behind it was that I wanted establish my own server on Internet. Creating a web application where a person can chat with anyone, a place where anyone will listen to your story. Knowing that ‘C’ is object oriented language and close to Machine language, it can’t be much useful. For that, I have to learn about scripting and web-developing languages.

Consulting with one of my friend; told me “It’s a good idea to get started with, but you will also have to manage the server, continuously keep running both -server and the machine on which it is running.” That made me a bit concerned. When we are about to end the conversation I was warned about the Hacker’s. Left with two options - Start programming for the server and gain experience or deal with Black-hats. Here was the compelling part - It was early in the morning. One morning, I woke up with a thought that struck my head “Ok. why don’t I start practicing Ethical Hacking?”.

For someone who is learning Programming for more than a year and suddenly starts practicing Ethical Hacking is an amature move. It is possible to learn Ethical Hacking and Programming at same time but if you are still premature in one topic and try to learn another- this can easily get you confuse  and can become problematic in future. But in my case, I wanted to do something for Cyber world- to contribute something. Very first program I programmed was a security run-check. Technically I would say that it wasn’t actually my code as I used the code after reading few online books and after watching some online video’s. Point over here is that it doesn’t matter what type of code it was; It is your’s as long as you use your own logic.

Twenty-six days already went by in doing that activity- learning. So far what I have learned; I could proudly say that I know basics of Ethical Hacking. Manipulating Data, blocking viruses, changing proxy’s, intensifying Firewall; I can do any of this at ease. To get some more information on ethical hacking, I asked few questions on online piazza. Few notified members, one who were in-charge of that site, informed me “You have to be careful of other hackers(Black-hat) out there too. This was something I was already aware of. Also be careful of your internet provider. If you are rough on internet, not paying more attention on defending, and most crucial information- do not use any private internet access center.” I knew what they were trying to say.

Luck wasn’t by my side. My virtual Operating System was hacked by someone anonymous. Good thing that it was a virtual machine and I was able to turn it off. At that moment, I realized that the work suits in the hands of one skilled to do it. It was obvious that I was was sure to mess it up.

After listening a mouthful from my older cousin, I was brought back to the right track. Back to my old life. Creating and studying programs. For a month, I did nothing other than learning Fundamentals and Principles of Computer. Something about Computer Science that people don’t know is that you don’t need to go to any college or have to pay even a single penny for it. It is something that requires intelligence and experience. There are companies out there who hires their employees based on their skills and experience. It’s been 2 months since that happening and I haven’t approach any other topic other than studying and honing my skills.

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