Gender Discrimination on the Job

October 17, 2017
By Niriyah BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Niriyah BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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In today's world gender discrimination occurs everywhere, but do people ever notice it on the job?Discrimination shouldn't even exist with the society we have today especially, with it being the year 2017 our world should already be past discrimination.With this problem even in affecting us on our jobs, it’s making it hard for America to move past such an ignorant issue.All genders should be treated equally on the job to prevent more chaos from occurring.

Some try to say wage discrimination is not a thing and it’s all a woman's choice, but that’s not how I see it.For example, did you know that every dollar a man makes a woman makes seventy-five cents because of their a different gender?If a man or women were given the same job it’s not fair to pay someone more money just, because they don’t have the same gender. To be specific, recently Gal Gadot also known as “wonder woman” was only paid $300,000 for being in the film “wonder woman”  whereas male actor Henry Cavill was given $14million for the film “Man of steal” not to forget the box office bonus.As Cavill said in 2016  “ I’m not just doing this for the art” letting it known that he doesn’t want a small check for all his work.Wage discrimination is something that shouldn’t be used just for an equal effort.

Equally important, sexual harassment on the job is a big issue that many faces on the job. This is an issue that many companies try to cover up when it happens, so they don’t receive a bad reputation.One of the main groups people who face sexual harassment is women with power and/or with authority, this has to do with a lot of men enjoy that there is a successful female that holds power.These acts of sexual harassment include catcalling, inappropriate touching, etc which can affect many women on the job. In fact, multiple women working for Fox News had been sexually harassed by former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes, and other male supervisors, although Allies and his lawyer still continuously deny every allegation thrown at them.The former chairman spent millions to get everything covered up after one woman managed to stand up to his inappropriate ways.This shows no mercy on the females behalf of this story because she is a woman, and even though she placed a lawsuit she didn’t receive what she deserved.

Also, one of the most commonly known acts of gender discrimination is discrimination in professional sports since the beginning of time women and men have always been separated from doing sports due to their athletic abilities are very different.They are so separate that many professional athletes agree.For instance, profession tennis player John McEnroe to Lulu Garcia-Navarro that he feels that females tennis player Serena Williams is the world's best female tennis player, but not the worlds be a tennis player because she’s a female and could never beat a man at tennis. Even though, it’s never been never been a recorded event where a man and woman compete people still say it’s not possible.Furthermore, sports events have continuously allowed “Trans-man” to participate in many female sports, but sports events have never thought to include a “Trans-woman” in a male sporting event because it wouldn't be normal.

In brief, some say gender discrimination is all a woman's  choice or gender discrimination is no longer a thing, but with the facts given  Gender discrimination on the job is real.On a daily basis, people are treated without the respect that they should be given because of what gender they are.To solve  this problem the government should put  more effort into paying attention to what their citizens are doing ,also people who aren’t being treated fairly should go above  who they for to receive justice , and if necessary we as Americans or a citizen of  earth should take  a stand for what is fair to receive justice.  

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