Nothing Happening About Child Hunger in Africa

October 17, 2017
By BushraHannan BRONZE, Houston, Texas
BushraHannan BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Children die every single day in view of the fact that youths in Africa have limitations to  nutrition along with famine relief. An insufficient supply of persons are contributing to the tragedy of youngsters not only in Africa but all across the globe they suffer. I am under the impression that it is indicated that it is imperative to discontinue the starvation of children in Africa, since there are critically large amount of deaths, anorexic youth, and  ingenious brains going to disuse. There are an immeasurable number of causes to go out and redeem a child’s life. So I implore you to take a stand in this misfortune, along with that deliver to your own community too.

Moreover, the biggest problem is that people are not realizing that child hunger is a very large issue in Africa nowadays. There is approximately 1 in 6 die due to chronic starvation a year. Not far to 49 million children undertake hunger everyday, and that is possible to convert if we do something. “The war against hunger is truly mankind’s war of liberation.” said John F. Kennedy. I truly agree since I believe people have forgotten that food is for survival not just enjoyment, but African youth is not getting food at all. Just in Houston there is so many wealthy people imagine how many there are in the whole entire United States that could help Africa.

Regarding this, in case that you would like to attain a very good deed and help the children, there are multiple ways to do so. To begin with you can donate money to “Saveachild” online. Next, volunteer to the Feed the Children company, they are a reliable source since they are attacking the dilemma efficiently and effectively with what they have. Lastly, give charity to the UNICEF foundation to help children not just with hunger but much more too. These are exceptional actions to approach and aid you with the process instead of going all the way to Africa. Any one of these sources are ideal, but please do donate as much as you may.

However, it is necessary to admit that there is only so much we can give and spare. Plus, many of us are strained ourselves, and do not have enough money to spare. The government also does not even have enough money to run our country, I doubt they can send anything to Africa. There are flaws and and advantages to help this complication going on in Africa. “The aim of argument, or of discussion, should not be victory, but progress.” said Joseph Joubert. What the problem is with that, is that there has not been much progression sustained in Africa.

In conclusion, if you are financially and mentally competent of helping out, then be my guest and take the stand. Consisting of our society in recent times are people with very transposed morals or ethics. It is somewhat essential to support the famine households in Africa since there are alarmingly large amount of children dying, populous amount of anorexic children, and genuine minds going to waste. If you want to be some child’s hero today then please take that step and be a better person. And several people believe that donations do not make a difference, but I can assure you that every last penny you give makes children so grateful. You will be appreciated.

The author's comments:

I feel this article was inspired by problems that we all see but don't change . This tragedy that I wrote about especially shows how bad the dilemma is. I hope everyone who reads this will go out and contribute to the children.

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