Reducing Global Warming

October 17, 2017
By Anonymous

Global warming should be reduced. Research shows that global warming is affecting parts of earth now a days. It should be looked at more than it already is . It is becoming more and more of a problem for the population on earth.

Temperature is one of the main problems  global warming has on earth. For that reason,temperature is believed to be largely responsible for the geographical patterns in distribution and abundance of most species. It irregulates the temperatures in which it can mess up the weather. “The unbearable heat in which it thermal points locomotory activity becomes disorganized”. The animal loses its ability to escape from harsh conditions promptly leading to its death.

Forest soil is also getting impacted. The soil is becoming more dry and less dense due to extreme heat. All the heat is evaporating the moisture from the soil causing it to dry up. The dry soil is flattening trees growth rate causing it to grow slower. In which some animals lives depend on tall trees and plants . Allowing decreased resistance to insects which is horrible. Which is is causing the forest and its ecosystem to develop slowly.
Global warming is causing extreme heat causing things to dry up and melt fast. Such as ice in the north and south pole is melting in a faster rate due to global warming. In result the ice is not supposed to be melting fast, but due to the heat it is happening in a faster rate. The ice melting can affect the animals in the water that depend on the ice to protect them. So if the ice continues to melt it can lead to devastating effects.

Although some people may think it is not affecting earth. It is highly a concern affecting earth causing it to change drastically. Clearly it should become highly looked at more because it is becoming a concern on earth. So the only thing we can do to stop or slow global warming is to stop greenhouse gases. 

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