One Snowy Evening

October 17, 2017
By Anonymous

As I peered out of Ali’s skylight I noticed white flakes of snow drifting down from the sky. Morgan obviously noticed this too as she shouts, “It’s snowing!”. It was late december and snow in New Hampshire around this time is common but for some reason the three of us were extremely excited about the snow on this particular evening. One of us, most likely Ali, suggested that we go outside and play in the snow. Although this is an idea that may seem rather childish to you, it was an offer Morgan and I couldn’t resist. So the three of us suited up in our “snow gear”. Matching hollister boxers, hoodies, gloves and layers of one or two pairs of socks. Once we were dressed appropriately, we ran down the stairs and right out of ali’s front door.

It was a cool night, the sky was pitch black with a few stars glistening here and there. The snow was gorgeous, it was fresh, soft and untouched. It was practically begging for us to leave footprints all across it. We eagerly jumped off of Ali’s front porch and immediately felt the harsh, cold snow through our layers of socks. The cold was painful and numbing but we didn't let that stop us from having the time of our lives. We made snowballs and threw them as hard as we possibly could at each other, we raced around the house slipping and falling and laughing. We looked like lunatics but that didn’t matter to us, we were too busy having fun to care.


After what seemed like an eternity outside the icey snow had attached itself to our clothes, our noses were beginning to drip and our bare legs stung due to the frigid air. Despite these factors we weren’t ready to quit. A play fight broke out between Ali and I and we began to wrestle right in the middle of her snow covered driveway. We grabbed at each other and ran around slipping and dodging tackles. Finally, Ali latched onto me and we tumbled to the ground both smacking our heads on the hard cement. Laughing and shivering while in a great deal of pain we laid on the cold ground with our limbs intertwined. And there we were, lying in the snow with nothing but boxers and hoodies on  in 20 degree weather with throbbing heads. Which probably doesn’t sound that appealing to you, but when you have your closest friends there with you, it makes for a pretty amazing night.

The author's comments:

This piece is about one of my fondest memories.

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