Why Gum Should Be Allowed in School

October 17, 2017
By Anonymous

To start this off let’s talk about gum. Gum is not necessary, but it can help you in school. I can see why some schools don’t allow it for example, loud chewing could distract other students, sticking it under chairs and tables, putting it in other students’ hair, and much more. If those are the reason they don’t allow it in school, I believe that students should be able to chew gum in school and I will explain why.

On the other hand lets talk about how chewing gum actually can help students do better on test. An opinion of mine is that I’ve found that gum actually helps me on test because; it helps me concentrate and also helps me get a better grade. Which studies have shown that students that chew gum during test do 26-36% better on test. Students that don’t chew gum while they take test usually do worse.

Aditionally chewing gum can improve concentration. When I am concentrated I am much more focused on what I am doing and I decrease my communication. Studies have also shown that chewing gum helps you stay concentrated and more focused on your work or what you are doing. Now let’s talk about ways we can stop students from sticking gum under tables and chairs. Schools should give consequences or make students check under their tables before they leave the class.

The final reason I think students should be able  to chew gum is that it can wake up the brain. This means that students could be more productive and work harder and faster. What this does is, it makes the students focus more than what they are doing instead of their surroundings. Studies have also shown that chewing gum increases heart rate, blood pressure, and cerebral blood flow. This means teachers would see improvements of student’s grades!

To sum it up I know students like to clown around, blow bubbles, throw gum at each other and stick gum under tables and chairs. The ways teachers could prevent this is students have to ask the teacher first before they chew gum and teachers should walk around and watch student’s behavior. So what I talked about in this essay was how gum can help kids do better on test, how it can help students concentrate more, and how it could wake up the brain. Due to my reasons, I think schools should allow gum.

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