October 17, 2017
By braydendubray BRONZE, Auburn, New York
braydendubray BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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The reason behind this story is if you believe in something, you should try your hardest to overcome the obstacle. Sadly the obstacle was my “Friends.”


I was just beginning 7th grade. I had to choose between popularity and what i thought was right . My buddies and I at this time were excited to be in the middle school.This was a new experience no more teachers doubting what we were capable of doing even when it was the simplest of tasks. Anyways me and my friends were really close, but we started to drift apart. Mainly the way they started to pick up bad habits things that just weren't good for me or them. So they started doing these bad habits to the point where they couldn't function without it. In elementary I wasn't perfect I'm not perfect now, but there were just too many problems with having friends like these.

At first I'm not one to judge one to care about your background or how rich or poor, you are. So I didn't immediately push them away I tried helping them quit which in itself was a mistake. They mainly thought I was a joke and laughed at me, they looked at me as an idiot. So I became isolated I gave up trying to be cool with everyone and changed that to the only people that matter. Instead of trying to be cool and smoke weed I sat with people I didn't like to break away from the group because to me smoking to me means so much more. From there on i choose to be drug free.

Now to give a little insight I'm alpha 1 it's a disease that messes with your lungs and makes it harder for you to breathe if you don't take care of yourself. So me personally I believed it was more important to take of yourself in the present so u can live longer in the future. My family was proud of me for deciding to do the right thing “ but don't let me kid you it was hard i lost all but two friends that year “. you still hear about things that go on but I don't have to feel awkward about who I hang with and I don't have to worry about if what my friends are doing is non beneficial to me. I could have wrote about anything at all, but instead I wanted to take my experience and help shed some light on how some people feel because there's other who chose the opposite but they’re not any worse and I'm not any better they just got lost.

My lesson for writing this was to let people know that no matter what the majority rule. If you believe in something fight for it. Don't let others trick you into being less of what you could have been.

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