The Rat from Hell

October 16, 2017
By cooper16898 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
cooper16898 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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Rats. Also know as satan themselves. Some people like them, I can barely stand them. I had just gotten home from school when I heard a loud shriek. After I almost had a heart attack, I jumped from my bed and ran down the stairs. All I could hear and see from my kitchen was my mom’s face that looked like she had seen somebody die in front of her. There was screaming, yelling, and curse words being thrown from her mouth like a tornado. Finally I made it to the back door, and was put in disbelief. My dog had a live rat sticking out of his mouth, squirming and trying to break free. I took a step back and ran up the stairs as fast as I could. There was no way in hell I was going to pick up that rat, let alone get rabies. Yes, you could say I was being selfish, but let’s be honest, who on earth would touch a half eaten rat? So my little brother, who is always trying to be the hero, stepped up and told my mom he would get it out of my dogs mouth. I told my little brother to go write his will and put my name with $20 in it. Campbell took what he thought might be his last breath and said a prayer. Then he was gone. The things that happened to him I can’t even speak of. I’m surprised he made it out alive and is living today.

The author's comments:

I hate rats and this is my story from when I was a kid, and m expiernce with rats. 

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