The Depression Struck

October 16, 2017
By Anonymous

I'm in high school. I think that ninth grade was easier than my my sophomore year. Right now, my senior year is horrible so much drama and rumors. Anyways, I'm in a realatioship with an amazing man. We got married at age 18 and we got so much crap from everyone. Even the teachers told us we weren't right for each other. They made me have a restriction passing period which meant I counldn't pass with my friends in the hall. My husband is pretty mad about that. All of this stress of getting married at an early age is really bringing me down. Every night, I'm asked "are you ok? is there anything you want to talk about?" Everytime I tell him NO, I'm fine but i'm sure he knows that's a lie. My depression struck so hard it really started to destory me inside my heart didn't want to keep beating anymore. One thing I learned from this crap was don't get married at a early age. Wait till you are ready to commit yourself to a person you will always live with.

The author's comments:

Getting married is fun and all, gut get ready for commiting your life to him.

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