Anger Mismanagement

October 16, 2017
By ChandlerMPerry BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
ChandlerMPerry BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
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In middle school there was the one boy who honestly thought to themselves that everyone hated him. He was a constant victim of bullying and harassment with minimal people in his life that he would consider a friend. The boy who would change everything about himself just to end his own torment, and would not accept himself for who he was.

He began to take Karate classes thinking he could solve all his problems with violence, however began to realize that he was becoming the antithesis of the morals of Karate. He would not wait for the time to use his karate, which would have been a situation where his life would be threatened. The chubby 7th grader would travel the campus kicking his classmates who would make him feel like less than a human without any true reasoning.

Later one night he begins to think of the Hitosus of Karate being the main guidelines. One of them immediately appeared into the young boy's mind, Respect others. Honor my family and myself then followed immediately after. His family would not approve of him starting fights, only finishing them. Some of the victims of his fury were also wrongly accused.

Now as a high school senior looking back, the young adult continues to think of how he can live up to the Hitosus of his karate. He starts to and will continue striving for giving people the respect they deserve while seeing that the next direction to take is college. He will try to live his life fighting for this cause, and become a better man than the young boy from his past. That young boy used to be me.

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