Graduation Speech

October 16, 2017
By Anonymous

Time flies, time flies. None of us ever thought this day would come. For four long years we walked down the halls of this school. Each day becoming more and more eager to finally leave. By this time most of us know this school like the inside of our eyelids. Forgot your i.d. But you want to go off for lunch? Hope you parked in the south lot. See Mr. Lilley coming but you don’t have a pass? Hope you have some loose change in your pocket. He’s gotta pay for those camping trips somehow.

Let’s take some time to remember our freshman year. When we first entered school, How I Met Your Mother was coming to an end, Frozen hadn’t even hit theaters yet, a jewel was a precious stone, Donald Trump being president was a bad fever dream and most importantly from a personal point of view, Bobby Shmurda wasn’t in jail yet. It’s crazy how much the world has change.

As the world changed, we changed with it. A lot of people you would never thought you’d be friends with became some of your best ones, and friends you’ve had for years started to slowly drift away. We discovered our interests and started to get glimpses of what real life is like. Like when you got your first job and your dad stopped paying for your gas or when you had to schedule an appointment all by yourself.

But now, it is time. It is time for most of us to go our separate ways. Some of us are going far away for college and some of us are staying right here in good old Daytona Beach. With all of us going our own ways in life, there is a good chance our next goodbyes could be one of our last. Though a lot of us have our differences, we all have one thing in common: the sand crab blood in our veins.

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