The Meaning of Life

October 14, 2017
By Anonymous

So many have too, looked out the window of life, deciding what the purpose is. Many believe they have found the answer, be it love, second chances, to follow dreams, be selfless…

I, however am not so sure any of these are the answers. Here we all are, on the same planet. But when you see someone driving by you on the highway, you cannot assume they are experiencing the same things you are. Here, in this mortal existence, we are all traveling different roads, different paths, with different roadblocks and challenges.

People learn different things on these different paths, and sometimes they intertwine or are similar. The things we learn, we can share with others and hope they, too, are on a path similar, so that the knowledge we possess, might help them along their journey.

We must also note that we all learn a few of the same things. Food and water are necessary for survival, the sun rises every morning, earth is the life-sustaining planet…

Even though we are all on this planet, we cannot assume that the answer to life is the same, universally. How can one preach that the meaning of life is love, when there is a girl who is starving and beat by someone who calls himself her father? How can one preach that the meaning of life is to follow dreams, when one’s earnings barely get them food for one day? How can one preach that the meaning of life is to simply be alive, when one is suffering such heartache, they are about to end it all?

That there, is the answer. There is no one meaning to life. For every path, for every single being, it is different. Of course we may have found the same answer as someone else, but let's not also forget that there are several meanings to life.

For me, the meaning of life is to try, to laugh, to make the world smile again, and to remember. Along my journey, this is my answer to the meaning of life. What’s yours?

The author's comments:

This story means a lot to me. As I ponder my life and the struggles I've had, while listening to people try to explain to me what the meaning of life is...I found it.

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