Snowmobile Accident

October 13, 2017
By nathanbellnier BRONZE, Auburn Ny, New York
nathanbellnier BRONZE, Auburn Ny, New York
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It all started when my father said “Do you want to ride the snowmobiles up at camp, Chris the next door neighbor would bring his sled up too we all can ride the trails there.” My dad and I went to Polaris to buy a snowmobile helmet and some gear like goggles and stickers. We loaded my sled and his sled on the trailer and headed up to camp.

After the two, hour drive we arrived at the big gate to our camp. We  p. I asked my dad when we were going to ride the snowmobiles and he said “probably tomorrow if the trails are rideable”. I got all my gear ready for when we went riding and got my snowmobile ready.

The next day I jumped out of my warm bed and ran downstairs to see who was up. When I got down stairs I saw my mom and dad eating eggs and bacon that was for breakfast. I asked my dad when we were going snowmobiling and he said “when chris wakes up”. While I waited for chris to wake up, my cousin, caden, and I made a snow fort in the woods next to the cabin. When chris woke up he had breakfast and got his sled ready to ride and I did to. We all went of down the trail. Then the worst thing happened.

We were riding down a narrow trail and I was following my dad and chris was behind me. Other riders were coming through the other way and my dad had to stop but I was going to fast and when I hit the brakes it was too late and I hit into the back of him. He yelled at me bc the front of my sled was all cracked up and told me to slow down and we went off riding down the trail again. We came to a road crossing and cars were flying by and it looked all clear to my dad so he went and did not notice that one of the cars was going to fast and didn't stop.
The car hit the front of my dad's sled and he flew off into a snowbank and the car almost fell on its side from trying to swerve to prevent from hitting my dad. When I saw it happen I gassed it to him and asked if he was ok. He said he was ok but his side hurt pretty bad. I looked at the car and it had a flat tire. Lesson to this essay is always be alert.

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