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October 10, 2017
By Rachebola BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
Rachebola BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
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It was already a long, humid day in May and my family had ventured out to Boston. It was 2007 and I was at my first baseball game for the Red Sox and the Orioles. As I walked up what seemed to be a billion steps, I was overwhelmed by the sound of thousands of baseball fans. I looked out over the bright green, grass that was freshly mowed into rows of a light stripe and a dark stripe, the field crew was still raking the dirt so the players would not accidentally fall in a random hole. Then I saw it. The iconic, humongous Green Monster that Fenway is known for was in my sight. Like any sane person, I rooted for the Red Sox to win because they were the home team and that’s what always should be done, according to the ancient song, Take Me Out To The Ball Game.

 We finally reached our seats and suddenly the crowd started chanting something that at the time I was unsure what it meant. Taser. Someone began screeching, “Tase her! Tase her!” When suddenly the whole crowd began cheering the same thing,


“Tase her! Tase her!” filled our section of the stadium, since everyone was screaming this, my siblings and myself did the same, only to be hushed by our parents. Although none of us saw what had actually happened my dad said that there was a woman picking a fight with a police officer over her sobriety. The women was in her mid 40s and was clearly drunk. It was obvious from the way that she not-so-gracefully tumbled as she walked and the way she slurred her words while she argued with the man. But as any other drunk person, she thought she was completely fine and assumed that the officer was the one in the wrong which lead to an amusing 15 or 20 minutes.

When the Red Sox finally, won after nine long innings, the crowd went completely  insane. The Red Sox had gotten the third out and every Red Sox fan went crazy. Looking in either direction, all you could see was the team out on the field celebrating and all the fans leaping up at once. The victory screeches, claps, and whistles filled the stadium. People were grabbing other people's hands and hugging each other out of pure excitement.  Everyone in the whole stadium was fired with emotions, either happy the Red Sox won or mad at the world for the same reason. The shouts were so loud, it must have been heard miles away. Causing an intense ring that lasted in my ears well into the night. After the win, it was time to walk around and view this old yet beautiful  city.

We walked around after the game and the city was beautiful, every building had a rustic feel to it, every street was just stunning. Although I have never been here before, the strange city felt like a home. Despite all the large building on either side of me, the city almost felt like walking in a big, wholesome neighborhood. There were people smiling as they were walking down the sidewalks, people taking their well-behaved, adorable dogs out for a stroll and they would even let you pet and give treats to them, and a gorgeous scenery all around.  Looking one way you can see this beautiful city that is steeped in American history and on the other side was a view of the Boston Harbor filled with jellyfish that were always so close to the surface.


Since this trip, Boston has always been burned into my mind as an amazing city, with a pretty epic baseball team too. The Red Sox have been my favorite baseball team and Boston has been my favorite city all because of this awesome trip. Because of this, I have a Red Sox lanyard and every time I go to start my car or I walk around with the lanyard on, I am reminded of my favorite childhood memory.

The author's comments:

My favorite memory from my childhood is for sure my family trip to Boston, I will never forget how great this trip was.

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