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October 10, 2017
By Ryanmu BRONZE, Lambertvillie, Michigan
Ryanmu BRONZE, Lambertvillie, Michigan
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Dear friend,

February 19th, 2017, I went over to my girlfriends house to celebrate Valentine’s day. We had to celebrate it late since I was sick on the actual date of Valentine’s day. I went over around 3pm and stayed until 11pm so we spent most of the day together. When I first got there we sat on the couch and just chilled for about an hour and a half. Then we gave each other our gifts and it was so cute what she gave me; she gave me a little stuffed lady bug that I call Ruggzie. A bunch of candy and the best of all the first love letter.

Ruggzie is a female lady bug that is red with black hearts on her body. She’s about the size of my palm and super soft. She has really big glossy eyes and they make it the best snuggling thing ever. She has four black wings that are the softest thing on her. She has a white outline on her eyes that are made of glitter.She has the most amazing smell ever she smells like sweet cucumber.

She gave me a bunch of candy from Reese’s to Milk Duds. The Reese’s came in an orange package with brown, yellow, and orange Reese’s. The Milk Duds came in a yellow milk carton and they are my favorite candy known to man. The taste they have is like no other it’s like a blast of melting chocolate in your mouth. They are little odd shaped circles of chocolate that are a gift from heaven. Around twenty came in the package. There was also M&M’s that are pretty good but not my favorite. They were the peanut butter ones that taste absolutely amazing so I was downing them like crazy. They came in an orange box with the different color variety on front cover. There was around forty in the package. She had a bunch more candy that I’ve never heard before but the ones I ate tasted perfect.

Then she gave me the best gift of all, the love note that made me fall so deeply for her it was unreal. It wasn’t super long or super fancy but just the thought that she took time to write about me made me so happy it was unreal. It was a card with a red background and a white heart in the middle of it that said “You & Me”. My favorite line in it is “ I love you with all my heart Ryan Michael.”

I walked into her house and it was freezing from the air conditioning. I noticed that they had a birthday sign hanging up on the way into the kitchen. They had just built a brand new fireplace with white and grey brick. It was very fancy looking but then my eyes got taken away by what their dad was making in the kitchen. He was making chicken enchiladas and they were hands down the best I’ve ever had the texture and the flavor was just right. Then my girlfriend called me over to come and sit on the couch with her to watch a “Beauty & The Beast” and then we cuddled up against each other under a blanket. As we are watching the movie I realize that she has a ceiling fan for the first time ever and it really spooked me because I was surprised that I hadn’t noticed before. After we opened what we got of each other we went and played a taco matching game. Yea I know sounds crazy but at the same time it was crazy fun.

My girlfriend is a 5’5 slim thick model looking beauty. She has long caramel hair that shines in the sunlight. She has bright green eyes that I fall in love with everytime I look into them, pale white skin that is so pretty and looks good when she holds my tan hand. Outside of the outer beauty she’s beautiful on the inside too. It’s like mixing gold, diamond, and platinum together, the perfect package. She’s super kind and sweet; always trying to help people in need. She does have a bad side though. If you go on her bad side you might as well leave her alone because you won’t go back on her good side. Although, it takes something really bad to get on her bad side. Overall she is kind hearted, loving person and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

At the end of the day I had a great time hanging out with her and sharing our Valentine’s day together it really made my week a whole lot better. It’s like going to Disney World for the first time, there’s nothing like it. I got home around 11:09pm which was perfect time to get ready to send her 11:11pm. She made my whole week better just by spending a couple hours with me. It’s crazy how much little things can make you feel like a little stuffed lady bug named Ruggzie or a basket of candy which includes your favorites or just someone you care about writing you a love note. Still to this day when I feel down or upset I look at the love note and it makes me feel so much better.


                                                         Ryan M.

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It's about a love note and candy

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