The Christmas Cube

October 10, 2017
By Austin2001 BRONZE, Lambertville, Michigan
Austin2001 BRONZE, Lambertville, Michigan
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It was Christmas evening, but this was no ordinary Christmas; it went just like the others, waking up to presents galore, with me and my brother super excited to wake our parents up bright and early because we could not wait any longer. Here we were, with tons and tons of shiny and bright paper just begging to check the contents; so as the excitement builds, and the concealing paper was ripped off, me and my brother were excited to find an Xbox, with such huge smiles on our faces, we graciously thanked our parents for our wonderful gifts, but this last one was special, and it was for me. As I removed the paper, I gasphed. It was a Rubik’s cube. Checking this wonderful gift out, my mom said to my brother and me “it’s time to go to your Grandparents.” So as we dragged ourselves off the floor and almost and forced into our nice clothes, I grabbed my new Rubik’s cube, and we headed off to our Grandparents for the rest of the day.


Now it was around lunchtime, and as we had arrived to the door, we were greeted by a blockade of family members, guarding the doorway preventing us from passing. But as of course after me and my brother had gotten the usual kiss on the cheek from Grandma, the army of what was our family, let us pass to the living room, where our cousins were waiting. “They’re here!”, shouted the youngest, and they all corralled up to us, where they gave us all a big squeeze. It was only a few seconds later when they released their constricting-like grip. “Time for lunch!”, shouted out one of the uncles, as all of us crowded into the kitchen where all of us fought just for a plate. After we all sat down, my brother gave out his usual blessing, and we all starting enjoying our wonderful meal.


After lunch, my dad, me, my brother, and our cousins made a little soccer field in the living room, and as we began to pass around our weirdly orange Soccer ball, a gold beast comes charging into the room, swiping the ball away with ball and grabs it with his drooling mouth. “Cody!’, shouted out one of my cousins, as all six of us try to regain possession of the now drooled Soccer ball. Then my brother goes and pounces and received the ball back.


At the end of our “little game”, our dress shirts, khakis and jean pants were drenched in slobber, but by then it was time to eat. We cleaned ourselves off, we sat down, and looked at all the food. Ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and other delicious food filled the table just making your mouth water. After dinner my aunt noticed I had my new Rubik’s cube and challenged me to a race. So all us squeezed on the couches, and our Rubik’s were passed around, each cousin, aunt, uncle, and Grandparent mixed the little cubes the best they could, until mine finally made it back to my lap. “On your mark, get set, go!”, said my dad as me and my aunt began to move the pieces back in their correct spots; our hands moving at almost the speed of light, with each family member almost leaning out their seats. With their eyes focused on both us, until only a few seconds later my cube was solved. “Yeah!”, I shouted, and the cheers came out for me. I had beaten my aunt for the first time.


 I always had a certain relation to my aunt. We always liked to challenge each other to test our speed, however we only could visit each one time every year and that was Christmas time. Also it was not only me and my aunt that was brought together, but our whole family that supervised our intense speed. Yet every Christmas was always more fun than the last, but this one was special.

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