October 10, 2017
By Guntherg BRONZE, Petersburg, Michigan
Guntherg BRONZE, Petersburg, Michigan
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Fear is not the easiest to deal with, But fear of arachnids is even worse. They watch your every move like the government with their eight beady eyes. Their sharp fangs dripping with venom waiting to sink into your skin. The sight of them makes your hair stand on end.


One early morning before school I woke up to a quite large surprise crawling on my wall. Still groggy I wasn't sure what it was. The cold air blowing from my fan made my hair blow out of my eyes. Darkness covered the blue paint as a shadow inched acrossed. The only light was coming from my TV. Casting just enough to show the arachnid. A spider which seemed to be the size of a half-dollar was right next to my bed. It was so close to me could see every hair on its body. My heart dropped as I leaped out of bed. I grabbed the nearest shoe to smash the bug.


About two years ago I encountered the biggest spider i've ever seen. I was in West Virginia with a few of my friends and their family. We decided to go white water rafting that day which I had been waiting for the entire trip. It was hot and muggy as we set afloat on the gorge. Zipping through class five rapids a storm began. Lightning was striking all around us as we were Cruising down the river. The leader, who looked like a viking with a large red beard, wanted us to wait for the other group so we pulled over against the rocks. I peered to my right and I see Humongus Wolf spiders the size of pancakes. I couldn't do anything about it other than pray they wouldn't get any closer. The suspense was enough to kill a man as I watch the five hairy beasts crawl across the rocks. Finally the group caught up and we drifted away.


Like I said, fear is not the easiest to deal with. But some fear is okay.  Everyone needs a little fear in their life. Even if it is just spiders. I wish I didn't hate spiders as much as I do. But I don't care to see another spider again.

The author's comments:

I've been scared of spiders for awhile.

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