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October 9, 2017
By MitchellR BRONZE, Republic, Missouri
MitchellR BRONZE, Republic, Missouri
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My background with hunting isn’t actually what you expect. I haven’t killed a huge deer, and I haven’t killed a ton of deer. But this blog is based on my new spot in Fordland. This talks about how I got these deer patterned in less than 3 months. But sadly it’ll all change when the rut hits. Trying all different attractions, all I’ve done this year is grow on my knowledge of getting the deer to come around. I’ve put in countless hours of putting up stands, putting up cameras, and putting out corn and other attractions like Persimmons crush mix, tink corn/ mineral mix, and Big and J mineral mix. And I’ve mostly learned that it’s not easy or as cheap as I thought. I guess you can make it cheap but when it comes down to it you have money in your bow, the attractions, the cameras, the stands, the money in gas getting to your “spot”. But this isn’t a case for everyone.

Hunting in my opinion
Hunting to me is something everyone should do at least once. If it's deer hunting, turkey hunting, or even fishing they should all try it. If you don’t like it then you don’t have to do it anymore. But it’s a skill I think everyone should know. What if one day you couldn’t go to the store? What if the economy crashed and you had to provide for yourself or your family? It’s not all about the reward. Providing for your family is the big prize to some. In my case, I hunt for the trophy, and to put dinner on the table. But this blog is to tell you how to get that bruiser buck on your food plot or get that mature doe in front of you when the time is right. To watch and the deer grow is the main reason why hunting is so fun for me. The love of nature and knowing what the deer are doing is why I’m always wanting to know more about deer.

Food Plots
In one of my posts, I’ve talked about deer attractions. In my scenario, I have a new honey hole where I’m seeing where the deer are and how they travel. But a lot of people hunt over crops such as soybeans, corn, turnips, and all kinds of stuff. But what deer like the most early season when there aren’t any crops around, they enjoy acorns over almost anything you put out. And it’s not just the early season when they enjoy the acorns. They eat them all season if they are available. When the crops or food plots come into a good source of food when it’s late season in December and January. Food is scarce and they need something to eat.

Camera placement
Put out cameras in ideal spots where deer are attracted, Once you have a pretty good spot you can now keep the camera there and start putting out stuff that brings in deer in the area. Some people put up cameras as early as the spring. I do put my own cameras up “early” to some. I put mine up in July just so I can pattern them. And just to see what I have in the area. Sometimes having them up in later season such as the “rut” isn’t honest. Bucks (male) travel between 6 and 15 outside of their normal pattern. I use two different brands. I use Bushnell and Wild Game. They both take quality pictures. I check my cameras anywhere from every 7-14 days. My Bushnell cost $50 but my Wild Game cost me $70.

Some people say trophy rocks don’t work but I am a big believer they do work. A trophy rock is a mineral block. A mineral block is a block of mineral that provides deer with essential natural macro and micro trace minerals. A.-=0ny corn not just deer corn works. I also use “Big and J” and a crushed persimmon mix. But with this being my first own 40-acre spot I just got this year I am only using small attractants. Next year I plan on using a mixture of red clover, turnips, and soybeans. I didn’t really know the land enough to put a food plot down this year. For being my first year doing everything by myself.


Stand Placement
Once you have that “one certain” spot, put up your tree stand. It’ll be a variety of prices. I paid $115 for my Hawk hang on a tree stand, and $60 for my steps to it. I also have bought a ladder stand made by Realtree for $70 which is cheaper but I like getting higher in the tree with my hang on. I like to get up about 15-25 feet in the tree. I normally choose to be around a ridge, pond, or around oak trees. This goes back to where I place my camera and my attractions. I try not to place it in a walnut tree because lesson learned I’ve been hit plenty of times by one.

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