The Drop Tower

October 10, 2017
By Brooke23 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
Brooke23 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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“I can’t do this, I can’t do it,” I said with my voice trembling. In front of me was one of my biggest fears and I couldn’t believe I was going to do it.  Drop Towers are rides were you drop straight down.  My biggest fear was drop towers, no matter how tall or small I told myself I was never going to go on one until today. 


“Look behind you until it's our turn. It’s so much fun, Brooke! You are going to love it!” Luke exclaimed. Luke, my neighbor, is one of my closest friends. He gets me to do crazy rides that I would never imagine riding. I swirled around to see a sign that says this ride goes 67 miles per hour. “Oh my gosh, Luke! This ride goes 67 miles per hour.” Luke started chuckling. I took a few a steps forward and then the line started moving. “Your number 13, your number 14, and your number 15,”the worker told us.  Exhaling a deep controlled breath I walked into the ride. Luke sat on the 13th seat, Joe, who is Luke’s dad and also my role model, sat on the 14th seat, and I sat on the 15th seat. “I can’t get this seat down,” I said with frustration and nervousness.  “Just wait until the worker comes around and he will get you,” said Joe.  Sure enough, the workers went around. Eventually they came to me and pushed down the lap bar and buckled the seat belt.  “ All clear,” all the workers said with thumbs up. 


“I really can’t believe you made me do this, Luke.” As we were going up I thought to myself why did I get myself into this? What if something goes wrong and I die? Grasping quickly onto Joe’s wrist we were about halfway up. “I hate you all so much. Why did you make me do this?” I said repeatedly.  I turn around to see Joe and Luke laughing at me. We were getting closer and closer every second. “ Are we close to the top? I don’t want to look up.” “We were close to the top, but I can’t really see how close,” Luke responded. Suddenly we stopped. “Now we are the top,” said Luke.  Grasping Joe’s soft and tender hands even tighter. Thump, thump my heart was rapid like I have never seen it before. My mind racing so fast that it could be in a marathon. I started screaming so my tummy would not hurt on the way down.  Legs dangling, I could see the whole King’s Island amusement park. The cart on Diamond Back went down the hill. 


Boom! I found myself going down a 317 feet drop tower.  Screaming, the veins in my head out, the wind was blowing my hair back.  My legs were out as free like a bird.  Sitting back relaxing from what just happened. “That was so much fun!! That was not bad at all and it didn’t make my stomach flip!” I exclaimed. “ I told you were going to love it,” said Luke.

The author's comments:

I wanted to write a personal narrative story and this one was the first story to tell that popped in my head.

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