Worst Day

October 6, 2017
By cjsmith BRONZE, Verland Park,, Kansas
cjsmith BRONZE, Verland Park,, Kansas
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My "worst day ever", surprisingly has yet to happen, very time an unfortunate event occurs I reflect upon those events and contemplate about how much worse the events could have played out. I have honestly never pondered about the exact elements necessary to create a day considered bad or unfavorable. I imagine it would consist of intolerable events accompanied with long, disconcerting periods of time. It requires no effort to notice when an individual is having a bad day, whether its facial reactions or overall attitude and tone. For example, in a school setting, it's a widely accepted fact that a majority of the students present would prefer not to be, it’s easy to notice how many students would rather not be near an educational atmosphere what so ever. That alone creates discomfort which has the ability to impair the structure of a good day in minutes. this poses a fascinating question of what components create a substandard day and how can it be overcome and can it be averted and applied to future settings? As a society we conform to sympathizing with ourselves when we're having a bad day or our worst day rather than inquiring with ourselves about what led us to that conclusion and how can we gain experience from these occurrences. Substandard days are caused by personal issues and lack of ambition. Personal issues can cause an individual to have a bad day due to the fact that it can have a strain on you mentally causing stress and effecting your attitude and overall perception of daily events in a negative manner. I assume approaching these events with a different mentality would mitigate the insipid feel of a bad day, however it doesn’t seem likely that it would prevent a bad day or even your worst day from occurring.  Lack of ambition seems to be a large factor when a defective day is being experienced, having no aspiration to stride towards everyday goals can leave you with no energy to take action to accomplish simple task throughout the day. having ambition is seen as an honorable characteristic, when you acquire it you become sensitive to failure, building persistence. When ambition is absent you become acclimated to failure, making it a repetitive process. In conclusion bad days are created by a mixture of personal issues and the lack of ambition, these elements combined creates an uncomfortable atmosphere that is not appropriate for normal daily requirements and task thrown at you throughout everyday of your life.

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