Radiation Connection

October 6, 2017
By Chriswells567 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Chriswells567 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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I wake up and look out the window at the grey November clouds. I walked downstairs and felt an uneasy vibe passing through the air like a storm passing through to its next destination.

I see my mom leaning against the granite countertop with a troubled look painted on her face. She looks numb and her body doesn't move an inch, only her head turns in my direction and says “Son we need to talk”. It felt like I just received a curved ball to the side of my head. Millions of thoughts dash across my head and my anxiety level rises. I quickly ask back “Mother, what is it?”. My mom takes a deep breath and pauses for a second and then says, “your father has been diagnosed with cancer”. Her voice was calm and shallow. I felt the weight of her words travel through my ears. I felt strapped down with weights. I felt heavy from shock.

Who would think something as evil as cancer would invade my dad? I could never imagine possibly losing him. My love for him is strong, he's my biggest support in my life other than my mom. My whole emotional state gets mixed up. Me and mother share a warm hug and some tears.

Suddenly, I look out the window, and see my father pull in the garage just now getting back from dropping off my sisters at school. He walks through the door and says “ Hey honey, hey son!” with a smile that filled up his whole face. The expression of shock sticks to my face like glue. My dad was just diagnosed with cancer and I'm witnessing him walk in with a big smile. Sadness fills my heart. My emotional state explodes. Tears burst out and hugs get exchanged.

That next week, my father started chemo. He maintained a strong mindset and powered through cancer. A year and a half later he is now very healthy. Still the thought of seeing my father hooked up to radiation saddens me, but I learned a lot from this whole situation. Life is not easy and life brings upon us many obstacles. Even though my dad had cancer he still showed a smile on his face and supported all of us. When life gives you an obstacle power through it and show a smile and continue to support everyone around you. Life's short and there's no point in not showing a smile through all of it because your life could end at any time and why would you want to pass without a smile on your face.

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